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Neutrino Mass Updated

Physicists continue to seek the mass of a neutrino.

"Solving the mass of the neutrino would lead us into a brave new world of creating a new Standard Model," said Doe.

This recent experiment:
 reported that the estimated range for the rest mass of the neutrino is no larger than about 1 electron volt, or eV.

Neutrinos are abundant. They are one of the most common fundamental particles in our universe.

This update for the neutrino is very important as we are nearing 'a brave new world' for the standard model.

Forbes had an article yesterday titled 'This Is Why Neutrinos Are The Standard Model's Greatest Puzzle'

From that article:
Except, that is, for the neutrino. This one particle behaves so bizarrely and uniquely, distinct from all the others, that it's the only Standard Model particle whose properties cannot be accounted for by the Standard Model alone.

That article follows with substantial detail in quantum physics for several particles including the photon.
A search for that title hits several articles.
I thought that QM content is probably not relevant to EUT.
However these developments with the mass of the neutrino are relevant.


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