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Andromeda Galaxy Group has Blue Shift

The Andromeda galaxy cluster is unique in the universe.

from online:

There are in all about 100 known galaxies with blue shifts out of the billions of galaxies in the observable universe. Most of these blue-shifted galaxies are in our own local group, and are all bound to each other. Most are also dwarf galaxies which you've probably never heard of, although the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, is in there.

I can find no online reference listing exactly which galaxies(and their location) are in this list of about 100. Perhaps this distribution is inconvenient.
I do not know if all 100 are in the vicinity of Andromeda but that is the clear implication.  Perhaps many are near its quadrant but astronomers consider these blue shift galaxies bound by gravity, clearly implying proximity.

This apparent concentration of blue shift galaxies relative to the earth is suspicious.

Is the blue shift intrinsic in this group? If yes then that seems reasonable. However that suggests our treatment of red shifts should be evaluated again.

My last post was  about the local group being isolated from its surrounding space.
Cosmologists must reconcile all the blue shifts are around Andromeda while all other galaxies have red shift.
Date updated 03/18/2019

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