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M31 Dark Magnetic Field

Cosmologists propose there must be dark matter present to somehow change a galaxy's rotation pattern from what is expected.
When there is no visible matter around to be the cause the matter must be dark.

I found a news story from a few years ago about an analysis of rotation curves in M31.

from the story (attached):

While conventional models with Dark Matter are able to reproduce the rotational velocities of the inner portions of the galaxy, they have not explained this outer feature and instead predict that it should slowly fall off.

When a magnetic field with this value is added into the modeling equations, the team found that it greatly improved the fit of models to the observed rotation curve, matching the increase in rotational velocity.

This description must lead to this simple conclusion:

When cosmologists consider magnetic fields in their model the results are better than when those fields are ignored.

I can only wonder if this is the fundamental problem with dark matter.
Magnetic fields are not visible matter but they affect charged matter; EM fields are always dark.

If any electromagnetic  fields are ignored then the actual cause of an unexpected  change in motion is probably missed, leading to the theoretical dark matter as the invisible cause.

Before dark matter is assumed to be the final solution invisible electromagnetic forces must be considered first. Otherwise the initial conclusion might be wrong.

Personal opinion:

I take offense at the proposal of dark matter where something invisible and undectable is claimed to solve the observed problem. My career included many installations of complex CNC machines.
If an expected motion or position was ever detected it had to resolved or the machine would not perform as required. If the machine made a mistake after I left I had to return and fix it so I made sure that never happened.

I could never tell a customer a story like this:
Sometimes this machine does not position correctly. It looks like a mechanical bump but I cannot find the cause. There is something dark lurking in this machine. I know it's there because I can see the mistake caused by this bump again; I just can't fix it. This is not a big problem because it seems to happen only at the outer edges of the machine. I hope you will be very happy with your new expensive machine. I am confident we will continue to provide reliable service.
This scenario is not acceptable to me.

I know dark matter is still being worked on as shown by this research with M31.
I am troubled by every news story that mentions dark matter as if that actually solved the problem and we know exactly what it is, like like any other rock in the universe.

Dark matter has never been found and yet the public is told everything is totally understood. To me this is an intentional false impression. My career would have failed if I lacked honesty.

I believe cosmologists will truly understand the universe when there are no remaining 'dark' things involved.


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