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More Gravitational Wave Detections

In July 2019, Northwestern University was awarded funding to develop a new gravitational wave detection device. This device with a much smaller volume for the hardware making the detections will target different frequencies of these theoretical waves.

It is called a Levitated Sensor Detector.

Similarly, levitated sensors will pick up frequencies that LIGO and Virgo cannot detect," said Kalogera, who also is the Daniel I. Linzer Distinguished University Professor of Physics and Astronomy and one of the foremost astrophysicists in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC).

While these efforts  are a waste of resources in my opinion, I feel these projects could offer an opportunity for EU to publicly discredit this bad science.

I expect this group at Northwestern to celebrate detections in press releases. They must justify their project is doing something.

Because there has never been a validation of an actual merger event, with a before and after observation of the two bodies and the correct result, there has never been an actual test of the algorithm and technology used for a declared GW detection.

The above is about more publicity for gravitational waves.

The following is about more publicity for black holes.

I expect another burst of press releases for this new effort for black holes. The July 2019 paper's title:
Radio Emission from Accreting Isolated Black Holes in Our Galaxy

from the abstract:
Apart from the few tens of stellar-mass black holes discovered in binary systems, an
order of 10^8 isolated black holes (IBHs) are believed to be lurking in our Galaxy.

There are 2 * 10^11 stars in the Milky way and they expect roughly 1 in 1000 is an IBH.

They will look for point sources of radio waves with an assumption larger black holes have a hotter accretion disk emitting X-rays so a smaller black hole will have a 'less hot' disk emitting its thermal radiation in radio, or longer wavelengths.
There has never been an observed black hole with a hot accretion disk matching the required spectrum.
M87 core was imaged to be a torus not an accretion disk. The same image is seen in different wavelengths, consistent with synchrotron radiation.
A study of quasars by Bepposax concluded all were a source of synchrotron radiation, not thermal radiation, so therefore none have a black hole with a hot disk.

With 10^8 of these IBH I expect it will not take long to start detecting some of them. With a plasmoid as the source of synchrotron radiation they will detect in radio the same plasmoid observed in X-ray.

Again, history repeats, bad science is never questioned so new efforts are based on wrong assumptions - a waste of time. GW and BH are nonsense but persist.


I added this comment:

I believe there is merit in pointing out these efforts.
GW publicity can be the subject of ridicule. Some day the public must be informed; many will be receptive. As more money is wasted, a turning point might be reached for many.

The Sun is a strong source in radio. Perhaps the observations in radio of many stars in our galaxy will help astrophysics progress even without the help of EU.

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