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Dark Intergalactic Mystery

There is a mystery in the universe being solved by dark matter.
That is not the correct solution.

From the NASA Chandra site:

Observations of the rotational speed of spiral galaxies, the confinement of hot gas in galaxies and clusters of galaxies, the random motions of galaxies in clusters, the gravitational lensing of background objects, and the observed fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation require the presence of additional gravity, which can be explained by the existence of dark matter.

The choice of words clearly leads to the origin of this mystery.

1) 'rotational speed of spiral galaxies' implies they can be predicted accurately. That prediction is actually impossible. Dark matter is offered as the explanation.
I posted about the spiral galaxy model on June 16. This post is a follow up to that.

2) 'confinement of hot gas' describes plasma which can exhibit structure. Intergalactic filaments of plasma are not where they are because of gravity. That wrong assumption (gravity) cannot explain plasma so of course something dark must be proposed as an explanation or an excuse.

An example from a recent news story:
The filament forms a bridge between two huge clusters called Abell 222 and Abell 223. The universe is thought to be filled with such strings of dark matter, a mysterious substance that cannot be seen, only sensed through its gravitational pull.

This plasma filament does not maintain its structure via gravity so the dubious explanation offered is 'strings of dark matter' and its position between clusters is not due to gravity, but due to electromagnetic fields.

3) 'random motion' implies cosmologists cannot explain the motion of distant galaxies. It is called 'random' but even a random motion needs an explanation so of course something dark must be proposed as an explanation.

These motions of galaxies are determined by comparing their red shifts. As the red shifts depend on the intergalactic hydrogen in the light path these red shifts are not velocities so that assumption is wrong.
These red shifts are essentially random velocities.
Cosmologists believe the universe is predictable but it is not.
I posted about the (un)predictable universe on June 15.
Because 'random' is not allowed in a predictable universe dark matter is the invisible force as the explanation for the motion, especially for galaxies within clusters because dark matter is claimed to supplement visible sources of gravity.

Dark energy is also used sometimes to explain a velocity with no visible cause, especially for entire galaxy clusters, where there are no visible sources of gravity to supplement with dark matter. The mistakes underlying the expanding universe concept are not in this topic's scope.

4a) 'gravitational lensing' is offered as the cause of unexplained galaxy types seen in very distant galaxy clusters.
I posted about this distortion of galaxy clusters on May 25.

This is another case where the universe is not as predicted, with a lens (though not 'dark') as the cause.

4b) 'gravitational lensing' is also offered as the explanation for arcs in distant galaxy clusters.
I posted about ring currents on June 2.

Since visible electrical arcs in space cannot be explained in a gravity based model a relativistic lens is offered as the explanation.
Sometimes the lens is even claimed to magnify the distant object.

Dark matter can be proposed sometimes as a supplemental source to enhance the lens for a more reassuring explanation of distortions or arcs. When there is no visible galaxy candidate for the lens then dark matter (an indeterminate amount) alone is offered as the source of gravity for the lens.

This combination is used sometimes as the explanation for viewing an extreme red shift object which should very dim by distance but it is not really that distant. High red shift objects are not allowed next to obviously closer objects so this illusion is offered to evade explaining that conflict.

5) 'cosmic microwave background' involves the wrong interpretation of the radio noise caused by Earth's oceans. Dr. Robitaille explained this error at EU2014. There is no CMB but this noise needs an explanation so dark matter is offered.

6) 'explained by dark matter'

Whenever cosmologists encounter an observation that cannot be explained by anything visible using their models, they have 2 simple choices:

1) accept the observation and go on to find an explanation with further research (EUT?) by improving the inadequate models based on those observations, or

2) just offer the lame excuse: dark matter explained it, the models remain intact, and the universe is still predictable.

This selection of (2) is not how the scientific method works.

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