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Local Group Is Isolated

Our local group is isolated from its  surrounding space and is not part of the expansion of the universe.

On Feb 23 I posted my skepticism that the entire universe is uniformly expanding from the Earth. This symmetry implies the Earth must be the center of the universe. I question whether there is something about how we interpret red shifts that leads to this incredible conclusion.

I had missed an assumption about expansion dating back to 1936 about our local group.

The 1999 paper in is titled:


from that paper:
Hubble's (1936, p. 125) view that the Local Group (LG) is "a typical,
small group of nebulae which is isolated in the general field" is confirmed by
modern data.
 The zero-velocity surface, which separates the Local Group from the field
that is expanding with the Hubble flow, has a radius Ro = 1.18 " 0.15 Mpc.

I can find nothing online that takes exception to Hubble's isolated group.
Apparently (from a paper like this) most cosmologists are comfortable with our local group on its own 'zero-velocity surface.' This surface terminology brings up the unfortunate image of our local group on a flat plate floating on an ocean.

Regardless of whether the image is a plate or a ball this assumption the rest of the universe behaves differently than the universe closer to us on Earth than 4MLY is incredible.

How can the claimed expansion of the universe in all directions accommodate none close to Earth?
This implies the fabric of space has a defined seam in it, similar to plate tectonics but this is a round piece of fabric with an observed radius around 4MLY.

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