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Universe Expansion Is Geocentric

Universe expansion is earth centric. Astronomers calculate the distance to objects having a large red shift using the cosmological redshift, which uses the Lorentz factor This factor attempts to reconcile velocities moving near or greater than the speed of light. The cosmological redshift calculation assumes the universe is expanding; the scale factor is a function of time.

from wikipedia:
The Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker (FLRW) metric is an exact solution of Einstein's field equations of general relativity; it describes a homogeneous, isotropic, expanding (or otherwise, contracting) universe that is path-connected, but not necessarily simply connected. The general form of the metric follows from the geometric properties of homogeneity and isotropy; Einstein's field equations are only needed to derive the scale factor of the universe as a function of time.

In none of these calculations is the position of the object within the universe involved, not even hemisphere or quadrant. I would have assumed if space is expanding it would prefer a particular direction but apparently astronomers concluded it does not; it expands the same everywhere.

To astronomers the homogeneous, isotropic universe is considered to be expanding the same in all directions.

When I was a little child I was in awe of the multitude of stars in the night sky. I never felt insignificant or meaningless. I felt this is AWESOME!

When I look at the Hubble Deep Field I still feel this complexity in the universe is awesome. Galactic superclusters are observed in different directions. The universe is huge with a lot of stuff in it.

However I am told the universe is expanding in all directions. I am even told this expansion is accelerating.
I am simply not capable of believing when I am looking at the night sky, the entire universe is expanding away from me, here at the center of the universe.

There must be something wrong with the method used to derive this conclusion.

 Perhaps I am not correctly  interpreting the description of the expanding universe. This group is about sharing information about the universe. So I did.

I find the observation the expansion of the universe is uniform away from us here on Earth an incredible conclusion. But this earth centered universe  is the accepted story.

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