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Red Shifts Are Geocentric

Large red shifts are earth centric. This should be a cause for concern as that should also be a surprise.

Spectral shifts are a critical measurement for cosmologists. Red shifts indicate the light source is moving away from the observer (here on earth); blue shifts indicate motion toward the observer. The Andromeda galaxy has a slight blue shift so astronomers use this observation to conclude Andromeda is moving toward the Milky Way.
For another example, the spectral shifts measured in stars in the milky way allows astronomers to map the motions of the stars in the arms to learn the galactic structure from our 'inside' view. This technique has also been done with arms of other galaxies close enough for such imaging.

As the objects get more distant a point is reached when large red shifts predominate.
At some point anomalies were noted. Some galaxies looked normal but their red shift indicated they had to be moving much farther away. That leads to the conclusion the galaxy was gargantuan to appear normal at that calculated distance; there are several like this.

Halton Arp performed an analysis of quasars and their redshifts a long time ago. An example observation from his book:

But of course, the stunning aspect of the ROSAT observations was that two quasars of redshift .63 and .45 are actually physically linked by a luminous connection to a low redshift object of z= .007. When I showed this to the local experts, there were alarmed states followed by annoyance.

Eventually these near associations of high red shift to a low red shift were explained away by gravitational lensing so the nearby high redshift object is not 'really' in close proximity but its light is bent to provide the 'illusion' of small separation. Sometimes one large redshift object was getting its light bent into the illusion of a group of 2, 3, or 4 objects with the same large red shift near this one low redshift object.
Analysis of large redshifts shows a different behavior than low red shifts. The large red shifts are quantized indicating an intrinsic characteristic, not related to velocity. The implication is the  spectrum was already shifted at the moment of the light emission.
The high red shift objects were often associated as pairs around a central galaxy, again implying an intrinsic quality rather than such a coincidence of symmetry. These quasars were sometimes associated with Seyfert galaxies, a type considered to be very active. This association suggests perhaps the quasars with this very large red shift might have been spun off from the same parent which is very active and bright.

The nearest Seyfert is apparently M106 at 24MLY.

Depending on the source on the web the nearest quasar is either Markarian 231 at 600MLY (NASA) or 3C405 at 600 MLY (Hubble press release).

For reference the diameter of our local group of galaxies is 10MLY

Astronomers and cosmologists maintain that all red shifts are always an indicator of recession, with a proportional relationship.
Apparently the largest red shift measured is the object GN-z11 at z=11.1

To convert this Z value into an actual velocity the cosmological redshift is part of this calculation so the assumed universe expansion is included; this allows velocities greater than the speed of light to be explained by the expansion of the space fabric, not that the direct measurement reflects the true velocity of the distant object.

The plot of all these measurements is very enlightening.

Near the earth, objects have spectral shift values that  are relatively random (though star clusters would (of course) move at the same velocity) so their distribution in the coordinates of the universe would also be random, except clumps for star clusters.

However at some range of velocities there will be a ring of objects around the universe as viewed from earth at similar velocities. There will be several of these velocity values plotted like larger rings, with quantized increments. I assume galactic clusters might appear as clumps of a similar velocity in a similar direction but the velocity relative to other clusters would not appear quantized, probably random difference depending on how many galaxies make up the superclusters.
Finally there will be an outer most ring centered on the earth.

All objects above a certain velocity are zooming at increasing velocities until the outer ring is near or beyond the speed of light.

When looking at this plot there will be a  number of spokes in the wheel. There will be a number of high red shift objects (sometimes as a pair) in roughly the same position in the universe as a lower red shift object they were associated with (their lens). The alignment of these spokes is of course pointing directly at Earth.

Maybe the universe really has this symmetry. I would expect the chaos of the universe to be more random than the redshifts indicate. If large clusters were moving together than those would be clumps in a common direction from the earth.

There is another observation regarding this symmetry, even ignoring a possible coincidence of quantized shifts. Quantized red shifts are not critical in this post.

The big bang theory is based on the assumption all these large red shifts result from the big bang explosion of a singularity propelling all those distant objects away at very rapid velocities. They are all zooming AWAY from the Earth. If an observer considers retracing their path to see where all these objects originated from, then the obvious conclusion is they all departed from right here on Earth. Andromeda is an interesting anomaly because back tracing its path moves it away unlike all the others who would approach.

Earth is the most likely location for the big bang singularity where all matter in the universe originated based on current velocity vectors.

Dark energy is needed to accelerate nearly all objects outside our local group, since objects from an explosion would of course decelerate without another push. Right now those objects farthest away from Earth are moving the fastest so they need the strongest push.

Earth is the center of the universe where the big bang event created the universe!!
Astronomers and cosmologists have accepted this earth centered symmetry of fast recession velocities.
Of course the alternative is turning over the apple cart. All research and academic funding is based on the big bang and its rapidly expanding space fabric.

Perhaps I am totally wrong in pointing out this observation. Perhaps I am not correctly  interpreting these motions being reported. This group is about sharing information about the universe.

I find the observation the big bang originated here at Earth an incredible conclusion. But this earth centered universe  is the accepted story.

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