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Big Bang group exchanges

In the Face Book group:
My  2/26 post was about the big bang theory and group members responded.
The exchange:

The first comment:

About the redshift and the misunderstanding of distant objects i.e. galaxies moving at c or superluminal velocities away from earth. These objects aren't violating Special Relativity, it is because space-time itself is moving at c or superluminal velocities separating the distance between objects, and gives the illusion that these objects are moving at c or superluminal velocities. The present calculations are that the expansion rate is moving at 70 km/sec. per megaparsec and that "dark energy" is actually speeding up the expansion. It is true that dark energy has not been identified ( this is why we call it dark) but observation verifies it exist. We only notice this phenomena at cosmological distances because gravitational forces do not dominate over the expansion.

My reply:

The expansion of the space time curvature is just the expansion of the undetected aether but with a new name. Space time curvature sounds more sophisticated than aether. Dark energy sounds more sophisticated than we can't explain it.

There was another comment to my post:

 I keep the Big Bang in mind but I am afraid the expanding Universe is unraveling slowly as NASA has back-pedaled it saying, "the Universe is not expanding within our Solar System", what ever that means. See my latest tutorial on my timeline for more.

Another's comment to that:

The universes expansion isn't unraveling and that isn't what NASA is saying at all. It isn't that there's no expansion within the solar system in as much that it is negligible since not only the solar system but the local group of galaxies are gravitational ly bound and that the Andromeda galaxy is actually moving toward the Milky Way because gravity at these distances is the dominate force.. The reason we notice the expansion at cosmological distances is because gravity is not the dominating force over expansion. Scientist come to an impasse when it comes to the unknown catalyst responsible for the Big Bang. Because a completely mechanistic origin is impossible to attain, why? Because information from the "initial condition" or "first cause" is impossible to retrieve before 10 - ^43 sec. of the BB. This is equal to Planck length, and is the smallest division of time possible; the time it takes a photon to across the periphery of a proton. Anything smaller has no meaning. It is because of this reason that any theory on origin would be incomplete.

My comment to this exchange:
dark energy must identify the correct problem to solve. If cosmologists look at the wrong problem they will have a problem finding the solution.
Is the problem explaining huge objects moving with high velocities (by large red shifts) or is the problem how we measure/interpret those shifts as an explainable high velocity?

His response:

 It is I think how we interpret these red shifts of objects at seemingly superluminal velocities because of the expansion separating them at superluminal velocities giving them the "illusion" of violating Special Relativity. It is impossible for objects to travel at c or above. There's no violation here. The expansion if space-time is not subject to SR.

My response:

so the problem of an outrageous velocity is solved by: only some of that velocity is the object but the rest of that velocity is the fabric of space is moving/expanding at an outrageous velocity. I remain skeptical of anything using the fabric of space. The aether was not detected.

His response:

I don't find it outrageous, inflation of the early universe at superluminal velocity accounts for the CMB.

My response:

 CMB remains unconfirmed.

His response:

Thats not true, if it permeates all space, when we know radiation (light) hasn't had enough time to reach the other side of the universe, inflation answers that question, also the temperature of space at 2,7 Kelvin supports this according to calculations extrapolating backwards to a "hot Big Bang " and this microwave background is the remnant left over.The CMB heat signature reveals and confirms other findings associated with early stages of the universe such as its composition.

I did not respond but I could point out my 2/17 post about the CMB.

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