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Sagittarius A* in Radio

Recently astronomers using an array of radio telescopes around the world created an image of the M87 core in a band of radio spectrum.

Here is an interesting video in radio of the Milky Way core, from a 2017 news story.
Perhaps others will find this linked content entertaining.

They call it a 'nonthermal radio filament' (NTF) or a 'cosmic string' but a person involved in the study said this:

"However, we still have more work to do to find out what the true nature of this filament is."

This story has a link to a paper titled:
A Nonthermal Radio Filament Connected to the Galactic Black Hole?

The ? in the title confirms their lack of understanding for the observation.

That reference has this:
Many of the NTFs show filamentary substructure—a doubling of the filamentary strands, or even in some cases a tightly packed bundle of parallel filaments.
This description sounds like they imaged a pair of birkelund filaments at the Milky Way core.

The story and the paper have fantasy references to a black hole (Sag A*) and cosmic strings.

This discovery is potentially 'awesome' with these two  remarks:

stunning high-resolution images that might finally offer researchers some tangible clues for figuring out if this string acts as a bridge to another universe.

If the third theory turns out to be true, this cosmic string would have profound implications on our understanding of gravity, space-time and what lies beyond our known universe.

With those possible consequences I am surprised this never made my news sources.  :-)


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