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Dark Matter

That dark matter and dark energy are  proposed by cosmologists means cosmologists cannot explain a universe with only gravity while ignoring electromagnetic forces.

According to the US Department of Energy: "plasmas are the most common state of matter in the universe. They are even common here on earth. "

Stationary charges generate an electric field
while moving charges (a current) generate an magnetic field.
According to NASA "Since space is everywhere, this dark energy force is everywhere, and its effects increase as space expands. In contrast, gravity's force is stronger when things are close together and weaker when they are far apart. Because gravity is weakening with the expansion of space, dark energy now makes up over 2/3 of all the energy in the universe."

This reliance on a 'dark' force means gravity alone cannot explain observations, so the concept of dark energy is appended to the deficient cosmology to save it.

The attached is an astrophysicist admitting gravity alone fails. Therefore 'dark' entities are needed to provide some explanation, without reconsidering the cosmology.

He has a notable admission: ' maybe our understanding of how gravity works is just wrong.' Maybe there are other forces at play but they are being ignored.

Unfortunately he brings up the CMB which is a different problem addressed in another recent post.

I feel cosmologists are making a feeble attempt at their craft whenever dark matter or dark energy is proposed. When an observation cannot be explained then an invisible 'dark' entity is proposed. These 'dark entities must be given whatever characteristics are needed to address the unexplainable observation. Black holes are used for another ubiqitous ad hoc explanation.
We are fortunate Isaac Newton developed an equation for the observed force of gravity rather than Isaac just saying there is a invisible dark force between masses near each other (thereby ignoring this observed force coincidently causes them to mutually attract each other dependent on their masses and distance). James Maxwell developed equations for electromagnetic fields rather than just accepting an invisible dark force is affecting different objects in different ways.


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