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SMBH Masses

I am amazed whenever a super massive black hole is given a very specific mass. This number is always just a fantasy.

On Feb 1 I posted the formula for calculating a black hole mass. On Feb 10 I posted a follow up that the S2 star used to calculate the SMBH in the Milky Way had an invalid orbit measurement. For its claimed orbit diameter it should take over 30,000 years not the claimed 16 years.

To claim a specific mass for an invisible black hole a visible star must be found around it with a valid orbit. There is no such star verified for each of these SMBH mass declarations. The number has no justification. There is apparently a game for making up large numbers and the current winner in 10^10 suns.
On Feb 28 I posted a zero radius is not possible so a black hole is still only theoretical until its definition changes from zero radius.

Wikipedia also notes no confirmed stars but instead the mass is always estimated for a black hole.

I see this wikipedia list has the Milky Way listed even though S2 had an invalid orbit to derive the mass shown.


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