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Since there are periodic posts about looking for aliens in the universe, here is a little about what some have concluded from supposed sightings and supposed abductions here on earth.
I am not endorsing any of this but there are claims of patterns in these reports. I leave it to the reader whether any of this is worth considering.
From the paranormal society there is this:
No extraterrestrial being has ever actually informed their human captive of the names Grays, Reptilians or Nordics. Instead these monikers have developed over time to help alien abductees describe these alien beings to the general public, doctors, friends and family members.

If you want to read the full article at their site search for '3 types of aliens' and it will probably be in the list.

Instead of linking to that article I offer the link below (with its own links). I honestly did not know until now wikipedia had this topic but one or more editors must have done some research to justify the statements. There are links below the heading 'See Also' near the bottom of the page if anyone seeks further details from what wikipedia offers, including a different list of alleged beings.

If no one posts a comment, or even a very cynical one I most certainly will not be offended. I just assume a few will not be aware of some of this, like a person interested in real science like astrophysics based on actual data from unemotional space probes.


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