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Big Bang Predicament

Big Bang is a theory for how the entire universe came into existence some number of billions of years ago.
It must make unjustifiable assumptions. The theory cannot be valid.

Cosmologists generally assume the universe is flat and infinite.

Our observable part of the universe is limited by how light dims over distance. When objects are too far away our instruments can no longer detect them because they are too dim. Maybe someday our technology will improve so we can see farther.

It is illogical to conclude there are no objects beyond the range of our instruments.

The obvious problem for the big bang theory is it must create everything and the amount of 'everything' cannot be determined.

The big bang also creates dark energy and dark matter but both cannot be observed. Unobservable quantities of these are needed to address currently unexplainable (with physics relying on only gravity) behaviors in the observable universe.

It is literally impossible for the big bang theory to explain how it creates the entire universe when some of the universe is unobservable and unknown. It has no definition for the total quantity of everything required at the very beginning.

My post on 4/14 about Hubble's Law questions the justification for a big bang.

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