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C as the Speed Limit

My post in the Face Book group:
A few days ago (01/20/2019) the suggestion was made  the Cherenkov effect proves objects can move faster than the speed of light, c. The particles are moving at less than c but faster than the reduced speed of light in the medium A few years ago a massless neutrino was claimed to travel faster than c but having no mass that should not be a problem for relativity. However now (2015 nobel prize in physics) neutrinos have a very small mass but greater than zero.

Very large red shifts indicate faster than light but this was explained by the proposed rapid expansion of the fabric of space time (just to override the limit).

The link below about relativity (and the subsequent pages linked at the end of each) suggests the rule for speed of light as an absolute limit underlies Einstein's theories.

For example the Lorentz factor is the ratio for the observer's speed to 'c'.

Is there an agreement on an absolute speed limit?
If Einstein and his theories of relativity are based on an incorrect assumption about an absolute speed limit then do cosmologists need to revisit/replace space-time?

Are members of this group aware whether cosmologists have truly addressed this problem with 'c' as space/time seems to the basis for modern cosmology?


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