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LIGO events and the Moon phase

There are several coincidences among these events.

Wikipedia has a list of each GW event date and time.

Here are those dates and the nearest full or new moon: FM or NM
The event names have the format: GWyymmdd
where GW150914 event is on 2015-09-14.
Events         phases within a few days?

GW150914 NM-15-09-13 1=close
GW151012 NM-15-10-12 0=close
GW151226 FM-15-12-25 1=close
GW170104 FM-16-12-13 9=no
GW170608 FM-17-06-09 1=close
GW170729 NM-17-07-23 6=?
GW170809 FM-17-08-07 2=near
GW170814 FM-17-08-07 7=no
GW170817 NM-17-08-21 4=?
GW170818 NM-17-08-21 3=?
GW170823 NM-17-08-21 2=near
S190408    NM-19-04-05 3=?
S190412    NM-19-04-05 7=no
S190421    FM-19-04-05 16=no
S190425     FM-19-04-05 9 or 20=no
S190503     NM-19-05-04 1=close

When I did this exercise I expected no correlation between any moon phases and the gravitational wave events.

I am quite surprised that several GW events (4) were detected nearly coincident with a new moon which would put maximum tidal stress on Earth's crust.
Two events roughly coincided with a full moon.

That is only 6 out of 16 with a possible connection, though a few others were within a few days.

I really can't argue if someone says you can always find some possible pattern between sets of numbers.

In any case, I find this observation interesting. I leave it to reader to their interpretation.

If this observation is valid: this is funny if LIGO did not always account for the nearby moon.

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