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A Brief View of Life

This collection of topics, a brief view of life, could be used to teach an adolescent the basics about life. Some of these perspectives are influenced by an awareness of Zen and of our social nature, but that context is gained through the experience of living a real life, without ever being part of any Zen training or even meeting a Zen master. Zen is all about being part of life now. Of course we are always truly a part of the universe but religious thought often sets up an artificial barrier, making it seem the person is somehow separate.

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Adult. Adults in our social system. (12/17/2011)

Baby. A baby is the start for each person within this social system. (12/17/2011)

Cycles. There are important cycles in nature. (12/17/2011)

Death. Every life ends in death. (12/17/2011)

Energy. Energy is necessary for human survival and success. (12/17/2011)

Fate is the frustration felt when a plan fails to execute and nothing can be found to explain that failure. (07/05/2018)
Gender. The difference in behaviors between genders can be based in genetics and must be accommodated. (01/10/2018)

Idols.  Religious and political idols are used to divide society, so some benefit while the others do not. (12/17/2011)

Job. A person's job within our social system. (12/17/2011)

Know nothing To know nothing is to recognize the unjustified certainty in one's life. No one knows with absolute certainty (02/02/2019)

Love. Love one another is a slogan that, when applied to one's behavior, enhances everyone's lives. (12/17/2011)

Management. Managers control employees for corporate goals, not lead them for their enrichment. (03/18/2013)

Now. Living in the moment is important to enjoying life. (10/09/2012)

Opposites. People have a variety of traits and priorities; often those can be opposite of yours. (03/06/2016)

Primate. Some human traits are also found in certain primates, our close genetic relatives. (12/17/2011)

Question. The control and manipulation of information benefits those in charge, so everything from them should be questioned. (12/17/2011)

Respect. Respect for others, by all members of all social classes, is critical to the vitality of our society. (10/31/2015)

Size. The increasing size of social structures is detrimental to social and economic justice. (01/22/2012)

Thinking. Thinking is what the brain does, not a soul. (12/18/2011)

Unique  Each and every day is unique. (09/17/2019)

Voluntarism. Libertarians define a society based on voluntary action or free will, but all social structures will have uneven distribution of power which will necessarily constrict our choices. (03/06/2016)

Want is as an unsatisfied wish. Having a want implies some dissatisfaction with life. The scope of the want indicates the extent of unhappiness. (07/04/2018)

War War has always been present in human society and there seems to be no way to stop it. (04/29/2013)

Zen. Zen is a religion whose main goal is enlightenment. Since it has no holy scriptures; sometimes it is called a philosophy instead of a religion. (12/17/2011)

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