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Question anything claimed by the government. Those in control will be challenged by anyone who learns something was done wrong or due to influence so it is rarely in their interest to honestly reveal all relevant information for any decision or policy, especially since those in charge in this representative democracy are beholden to those that pay for their election campaigns, not to those casting votes. Divide and conquer, by finding a way to split any population into separate competing groups, is one common mechanism to maintain control and power so claims that one group is in some way bad probably has been spun. Another mechanism is to just lie or refuse to release the necessary information; with each President more documents are classified and the investigations of more wrong doings are blocked by a claim of state secrets.

The American government got public acceptance for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on nothing but lies about unacceptable weapons of mass destruction; after those claims were verified as wrong, no one responsible for the invasion suffered any consequences, though the country and people of Iraq suffered severe death, destruction, and displacement.

The major financial institutions created bad financial instruments like derivatives, that were really loans based on loans with no real basis, to bring about a global financial crisis. Instead of terminating all these bad debts and prosecuting all those responsible, many countries in the world and their citizens are being commanded to pay back these bad loans through austerity measures, reducing their quality of life for many years - and these measures have been approved by the government leaders that remain friendly with these unsound institutions, with the unjustified claims these measures are necessary for an economic recovery.

Even science needs to be questioned. For example the Big Bang theory is generally accepted and so those at high levels in academia and government agencies continue to obtain funding for further research. Unfortunately, the very foundation for the basic theory, that a red shift is always associated with increasing distance was disproven long ago when objects having a higher red shift were found in front of or next to objects having a lower red shift. Plus, red shifts often occur in quantized increments and can sometimes even pair up on opposite sides of a central object having a lower red shift. All these observations indicate red shift is not always associated with the object's distance. Other observations in conflict with the Big Bang require dark matter and dark energy with the result that what is observed is only 5% of the universe while these other undetectable entities make up 95%! This total inability to explain what is observed, needing to rely on ideas that cannot be seen, is a sign of a theory in need of replacement, especially when there are other theories involving plasma physics (since 99% of the universe is assumed to be plasma) appearing to better explain observations without depending on unseen influences.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) movement also claims to be based on science and yet the release of emails leaked in ClimateGate 1 and ClimateGate 2 reveal many cases of unethical behavior where it is more important to control the message, to prevent any doubt or criticism or conflicting data to be revealed, rather than actually conducting scientific observation and testing to verify any conclusions. There are several natural temperature cycles that get ignored as well as the recognition that carbon dioxide has many natural sources, leaving any human generated CO2 with a far lesser impact. The claim the science is settled is nothing but an attempt to prevent the scientific method! The AGW movement is an abomination where everything and anything that happens, from storms to drought, from warm rains to cold snows, will be claimed an expected result of global warming. This is no longer a theory or explanation of anything when it is impossible for any observation to be in conflict.

In science, as in government, when those in charge can control the flow of information, they also control their funding and maintain their positions of power and prestige.

References: Climate Gate 1, Climate Gate 2, Propaganda

created - December 2011
last change - 12/17/2011
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