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A world view where the guide for society is based on human nature,
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Site Brief

This site brief begins with two sets of topics with each sharing a common theme. After the two themes, the rest of this Site Brief topic continues with a general sample from each topic group.

Near the end of every topic there is a link to view the list of other topics in its Topic Group.

The following topics are from different Topic Groups but they share a common theme:

Our Human Nature


   Does an Animal Have a Soul?

   Hard Wired to Compare


Social Behaviors

Our Social Nature

   Ethics and Moral Behavior

   Finding a Guide for Moral Behavior

   Infant Social Development

  Morality and Accountability in Social Beings

   Righteous Mind in a Group


   Social Classes

   Social Groups

   Studies of Behavior, Class, and Power

The rest of this site brief has a further sample of general topics.

The following collection of suggested topics provides a brief view of this web site content by referencing only 1 to 3 topics from each Topic Group (TG). There are about 20 TG in  the site.
If this brief offers an interesting glimpse then the reader can certainly read further.
Alternately, to a brief of just a few topics here, TG-summary offers descriptions of the topic groups.
More TG provides the list of all Topic Groups for a selection.

Here is a general sample of topics from the Topic Groups, but none are ranked.

from Culture Topic Group:

   Culture of Fear


from Religion Topic Group:

   East vs West Religions

   Now Mind

   Jesus is the Real Life Saver

from Moral Values Topic Group:


   Decline in Morality

from Accountability Topic Group:

   Too Big to Care

   Abuse of Power

from Politics Topic Group:

  Free Market Solutions for Basic Needs

   Big Government Is Not Socialism

from Business Topic Group:

 Libertarian Socialist


from Foreign Policy Topic Group:

  Remember 9-11

   War Crimes

from Future Topic Group:

   From 1984 to 2013

   Systemic Child Abuse at Birth

from Religion of AGW Topic Group:

Wrong Noble Cause

   World is Breathing

   Oceans - Climate Change

from Debates Topic Group:

Cosmology (hobby unrelated to this web site focus)

from Creationism Topic Group:

   Genesis and the Origin of Man

Evolution by Success Not Design

from Breakpoint Topic Group:

      Question of the Week 4 - Where is evil from?

      Question of the Week 5 - Does God allow evil?

      Question of the Week 15 - Does God use suffering?

To conclude this brief glimpse into the site:

These are two brief topics.

offers brief descriptions for all the Topic Groups.

All Topic Groups are available by selecting More TG.

All topics in the site are in the Site Map, where each Topic Group has its topics indented below it

For a view that  is not  brief:
TG_Order offers a suggested order for reading all the Topic Groups, with short descriptions for every Topic Group

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