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These pages are about business, the activity where people work together, in one or more social groups, each having a unity of purpose, to provide goods and services to society. The date shown in parentheses is the date that page was last changed.

Unions and Business in the 21st Century My perspective on unions and business management in the 21st Century based my own early work experience in companies with and without unions. (11/06/2005)

Human Resource Management. Our management culture accepts poor treatment of employees. (12/10/2005)

Libertarian Socialist The economic philosophy consistent with this web site (and its essays) has been called Libertarian Socialism. (10/31/2011)

Pride vs Profit The current economic system is now driven by profit for those at the top rather than by pride in the workers at the bottom. (11/06/2011)

Working Together or Being Worked Are wage earners working together or just being worked? (05/27/2012)

Fair Wages The combination of tax cuts for the rich while the wages for most workers remain static or falling is not good for Americans or the economy. (02/22/2013)

Slavery The current low wage structure found across much of the world is not much better than the use of slaves over a century ago, so it has been called wage slavery. (04/29/2013)

Capitalism vs Socialism Online discussions or articles comparing capitalism with socialism are rarely objective. (07/04/2014)

Hobby Lobby Case The recent Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby Case demonstrates corporate interests have priority over the rights of employees or citizens, and this corruption applies in all three branches of the US government: Executive (the President), Judicial (the courts), and Legislative (Congress). (01/18/2015)

American Slavery A recent book, The American Slave Coast, offers an enlightening description of slavery (the business model where people are treated as property) and its impacts on the economy, on America's political evolution, and on life in America before slavery was abolished. (07/18/2016)

Proletariat An interpretation of the social classes in capitalism. (05/08/2018)

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