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Climate Grief

Climate change is now the entity for everyone to fear, becoming a tool of psychological abuse. At its root climate change is simply a change in weather. Since the weather is always changing the source of this fear cannot go away. The media incessantly declares the terrible threat of climate change, with every weather event called climate change, but every individual knows they can do nothing about the weather.

This threat is based on lies; even the IPCC declares no connection between CO2 and extreme weather. Predictions for future (after the year 2100) dangers from CO2, based on intentionally flawed climate models are ridiculous.

Climate change is the new terror and its propaganda is taking its toll on the public's mental health.

Inducing a fear of weather is an act of malicious cruelty. Everyone knows an individual can have no effect on weather but everyone is told humanity is causing an imminent weather catastrophe. When one is convinced to fear something that is impossible to ignore this is abuse; the subject is given an unresolvable problem to confront every day. It would be like convincing someone that all spiders are lethal and always having spiders around. That person's only recourse is to avoid all spiders when possible. Weather cannot be avoided.
Though one can be convinced CO2 from mankind's activities is lethal both to the planet and to the future of humanity there is absolutely nothing an individual can do about that. Even children are indoctrinated with this terror that they can do nothing to avoid.

It is unforgivable that activists abuse our children this way.
A equivalent abomination would be indoctrinating little children about the imminent threat of WW3 and global thermonuclear war. We don't do that simply because it is so blatantly wrong. The same standard should apply here - to stop indoctrinating children about threats to fear from climate change and CO2.

An example of teaching kids to fear:


' the good news is that kids are receptive to new information'
Definitely children are receptive to this teaching; that's why this practice is so evil. This teaching is bad news. The kids are being indoctrinated with the fear being emphasized by political activists that push an agenda ignoring the consequences of such an irrational focus. Adults should be mature enough to filter through propaganda but children are certainly not. This widespread indoctrination of children to fear is an abomination.

This policy of climate change terror is a cultural problem because the reach of the UN IPCC spans the globe.

The psychological damage from this propaganda is now called climate grief.This terror and its grief could span generations as it is so entrenched in government bureaucracies at many levels and in the schools. It will probably continue until the real facts of weather and the minimal influence of CO2 are exposed.

There is no recovery mechanism for this climate grief, until one recognizes the lies within the indoctrination, to discard the unbearable burden.

date created Feb. 2019
last change 02/17/2019
Here is a recent NBC news story about climate grief.

The NBC summary:
'Climate grief': The growing emotional toll of climate change
Extreme weather and dire climate reports are intensifying the mental health effects of global warming: depression and resignation about the future.

This threat to induce terror is even becoming a life or death danger.

Activists also want to reduce the human population based on the ludicrous claim fewer people will save the planet. Obviously when the head count must be reduced this purge will not be voluntary; someone in the elite class will make those impersonal, inhumane, merciless decisions.

Before entire generations across many countries have been psychologically damaged, this ridiculous fear mongering about climate change and humanity being its cause MUST be stopped.

There is the possible danger based on the past few years so many will have been damaged that it will take either global cooling or another generation for humanity to recover.

date created Feb. 2019
date changed 02/17/2019

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