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Dark Side of Global Empire

The American interference in other countries might be bringing the world into yet another major conflict. The political and economic leaders are subject to nothing keeping them accountable for their actions, and as most people are aware: absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This unfortunate goal of even more power by the American empire apparently had its roots in World War 2. Several scientists told FDR in August 1939 (before the start of major conflict) that Germany might be working on the development of an atomic bomb, so the Manhattan Project began.

Over the course of the war, all the major military and economic powers of the world were devastated with the significant exception of the United States. As combat was obviously nearing its conclusion, the use of the atomic bomb was seen by a number of leaders as the important opportunity to demonstrate the will of America to be the new world superpower. The two atomic bombs were not dropped on Japan to end the war, as Japan had already been suggesting a surrender as early as January 1945, but were dropped to demonstrate the US WMD military capability to Russia - the start of the Cold War.

Capitalism is all about using people and resources to enrich the elite. After World War 2 concluded, any political movement that sought to level the economic playing field for the benefit of the population was a potential threat to this economic empire. In Europe, the widespread popularity of socialism before the war was a potential problem for the new world economic empire.

The CIA sponsored Operation Gladio initiated terrorist actions that would be linked to communist groups to discredit them. Proof of this group was eventually revealed during Italian investigations into several terrorist events during the Years of Lead. The US Army Field Manual 30-31B was found among some of the suspects, a guide to American counter insurgency tactics where violent attacks were blamed on radical groups. Among the major terrorist events in Italy, the Piazza Fontana bombing and the Bologna massacre have been suspected as part of this 'strategy of tension' tactic employed by Operation Gladio.

In Latin America during the 20th Century, most of the countries eventually had movements of social reform and so most of them also had American supported armed rebel movements to replace those popular leaders with military dictatorships, with those in power willing to submit to American wishes. The US Army School of the Americas was founded in 1946 with the specific goal of anti-communist counter insurgency training in Latin America. The use of torture was included in the curriculum.

There are many online references involving the American actions to initiate regime change in countries all over the world since World War 2, often involving torture and assassination of those seeking the social reform. The overthrow of Allende in Chile on September 11, 1973 is a frequently cited example.

Along the way, the intelligence agencies and their special forces lacked true accountability for its actions. Plausible deniability became applicable when political leaders wished to avoid their responsibility for these illegal or unethical covert activities. When there is no accountability then there is absolute power. In 1975 and 1976, the Church Committee published 14 reports on several intelligence agencies, including their alleged abuses of law and power. The Church Committee revealed Operation Mockingbird, the manipulation of media by the CIA. The Church Committee also reported on its investigation into the JFK assassination. Senator Richard Sweiker declared 'the [Warren] report has collapsed like a house of cards.' However, President Ford's Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and others prevented the dismantling any of these agencies, which were called 'rogue elephants' by Senator Frank Church.

More recently, America has found a way to channel radical Islam into a force to suit American foreign policy goals. In July 1979, CIA began aiding the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to oppose the pro-Soviet regime. Zbigniew Brzezinski has confirmed this intent to draw the Russians into an Afghan trap (the Russian army invaded in December 1979), which he is proud to say brought down the Soviet Empire. "What is important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet Empire? Some stirred up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?"

After 1990, American foreign policy could no longer be based on the threat of global communism. Military spending is always dependent on the fear mongering about some foreign threat. With the demise of the Soviet threat, the military industrial complex was severely threatened. US military spending dropped after the Vietnam War, but increased again in the Reagan years, but after the Soviet breakup military by 2000 the spending dropped to near the lowest levels since before the Cold War. During the 1990s, military spending was going down and domestic prosperity was going up. The budget deficits during Clinton were the lowest over the previous 50 years.

With no authentic threat of communism but with the real threat of peace affecting the military industrial complex, the American political leaders realized at some point they already had their new threat ready, to engage in their frequent hate week propaganda: radical Islam.

The Project for the New American Century published in 2000 the policy document titled Rebuilding America's Defenses (RAD). This document outlined an aggressive military plan for US world domination. It also included this transition to a world empire: 'Further, the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor.'

There have been many investigations into the events of 9-11, not counting the official US government coverup. In 2008, an Italian production company, with the help of many including the Italian parliamentarian Guilietto Chiesa, released the documentary 9-11 Film Zero. Running more than 100 minutes it offers many details about the events of that day. Perhaps this 911 film is payback given the Gladio events in Italy.

There are other interesting online presentations on the matter including one of 5 minutes and another of about an hour.

In the 1990s, the old Operation Gladio had morphed into something new, Gladio B. Gladio B is essentially the American manipulation of groups of trained radical Islam insurgents to bring about unrest and regime change in the Middle East. In 1997 Zbigniew Brzezinski had suggested this part of the world is critical to global hegemony: 'A power that dominated Eurasia would exercise decisive influence over two of the world's three most economically productive regions, Western Europe and East Asia.'

Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett recently posted a long interview (spanning several hours in 4 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) about Gladio B and its involvement in many current global affairs.

American foreign policy now has an optimum threat, one that will never go away (not like the Soviet Union did). Even better, US special forces can manipulate this diverse group, lacking a real central organization, to suit its Middle East goals, and the subservient mainstream media will keep the American voters in fear. For example, Al Qaeda was instrumental in the initial turmoil and eventual overthrow of Gaddhafi in Libya. It has been used again in the attempt to overthrow al-Assad in Syria, though Russia's support for Syria helped prevent an American attack as desired by many hawks.

American special forces have grown from their crude beginning in 1946 when the Central Intelligence Group had its two missions: to provide strategic warnings and to conduct clandestine activities. After the terror event on 9/11, US military power has ballooned (very high military spending, very high deficits) and our special forces are in more than 100 countries (as of January 2014).

Though the United States has a representative democracy, with the top of the bureaucracy run by elected representatives and a President, there is also a shadow organization getting funds from this government but not in any way held accountable to the population. The funds are enormous, estimated at over $50 billion a year in 2013.

Russ Tice, a whistle blower who had worked at several intelligence agencies, had trouble finding congressional committees to hear of his concerns because few committee members have the security clearance to know anything about such activities. There is no oversight to provide accountability. The Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA also confirm that.

The FBI's Counterintelligence Program of the 1960's had as its mission to use surveillance on activists to release negative personal information to the public to discredit them; the agents ruined lives and destroyed civil rights organizations. With the recent revelations about the extent of NSA capabilities, this opportunity for abuse has only expanded with each passing year.

The American citizens have diminished civil rights, subject to frequent surveillance and abuse with no recourse. The complete lock down of Boston for a few hours in 2012 demonstrated how close we are to the imposition of a police state. Investigations into that bomb event at the marathon reveal that lock down might have been the intent. The two suspects were CIA assets, making the entire scenario very suspicious.

The current American foreign policy includes using Al Qaeda to foment rebellion in Middle Eastern countries, to help ensure subservient governments there. The American economic policy emphasizes free trade with accommodating foreign countries, so multinational corporations are free to pillage, to the detriment of those populations, both domestic (as the American quality of life deteriorates with dropping wages and offshoring of jobs) and foreign (with austerity programs worsening their quality of life).

American special forces are tasked with making the world safe for our banks and companies, regardless of the death and misery coming to those populations. Until this shadow organization behind the American government is under control and its leaders are held accountable for illegal and unethical actions, or until its funding goes away due to the economic collapse of America, both America and the world remain subject to the whims of this small elite group. Since 9/11/2001, the American empire was become emboldened to strive for global reach, causing much death and misery for those many people affected.

A sociopath is one who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. That definition applies to most political and economic leaders of our day, especially those involved in this current effort for global hegemony.

created - May 2014
last change - 05/04/2014
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