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My Adventures

Here I reminisce about my adventures
Since I have GBM I have no reason to embellish.

1973 Family trip, 5 adults, 3 teens, 2 cars in loop through San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Yellowstone
1977 skiing at Boyne Mt with college group.
1978 skiing at Big Sky with college group.
1981 I drove with my sister from San Francisco via Salt Lake City (for skiing).

1981 Honeymoon in Boundary Waters in Minnesota, canoe trip with much gear for tent camping a few nights  plus a few portages; lodge was great.

1983 wife and I biked with loaded panniers across Wisconsin, tent camping at parks for the nights over about a week.
1984 Son arrives
1986 Daughter arrives
1988 our first family camping trip in Minnesota with 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 dog in a tent.
In later years we camped again, plus once with neighbors and their 2 kids.

In 1994 over a week family trip to Black Hills, Yellowstone, Tetons
About 1995 to 2003. family visited camper in campground nearly every weekend almost year round.
2002-2010 trips to visit kids in college.
In 2004 kids and I visited California, including San Francisco and Yosemite areas.

In 2007 son and I tent camped in Missouri, between visiting caves.
In 2008 son and daughter visited me in LA to tour LA and SD.
In 2009 with 2 sisters we biked around Northern Wisconsin on several routes.
In 2009 with son and 2 sisters we tent camped and hiked in Arkansas.
In 2010 over a week daughter and I hiked at the Tetons and in Yellowstone, including a hike to the tops of Avalanche Peak and Bunsen Peak. also a descent down slopes of Jackson Hole from gondola at the top.
In 2011 son and I hiked in Arizona including a hike to Plateau Point, near the bottom of the Grand Canyon, plus other hikes in several areas of Arizona.
In 2011 daughter and I hiked to visit all the water falls on the Minnesota North shore in just a few days.
In 2012 over more than a week daughter and I tent camped and hiked in the Canadian Rockies, including a hike up to Berg Lake at Mt Robson for an overnight camp near its shore (hiked 13 miles each day), plus many other hikes and camps in the 4 main national parks in Canadian Rockies.
In 2013 son and I camped and hiked near Mt Hood, near Mt St Helens, near Mt Ranier; lava caves near Newberry and Mt St Helens, Oregon coast..
In 2014 My mom (87) and I drove to visit my sister in Arkansas.
In 2015 son and I biked across Ireland, with gear in panniers,  over 12 days. First Dublin West to Westport >200 miles in 4 days, then South to Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny, and around to Dublin to leave after 8 days. We stayed usually in B&B's.
In 2016 My mom, sister and I visited another sister in Arkansas; my mom wished to see a Johnny Cash site.

After 2007 business trips often included a weekend, for an opportunity for sight seeing.

From 2008 to 2012 I hiked all the beaches of Los Angeles, one beach/day at a time, while in the LA area on business trips.
I also had many trips to Seattle enabling trips to Mt Ranier and others.
Several trips enabled hikes near San  Francisco, Tahoe and in AL, PA, WV and  even visiting my son in TX.

about age 8 learned softball.
Age 9 hardball in little league
Age 21 softball on company team
until 50, softball on different recreational teams, sometimes  >1/week, every year, some teams with wife.
Age 22 bowling on company team
next year on team with brother
after 35, for a few years, bowl on teams with wife (some with neighbors).
In 2008 (52) started jogging.
In 2014-2016 biked 800+ miles/year plus jogged about 80 mi/year. This time was in evenings and weekends.
In late 2016 I was in great shape for GBM.
created - May 2019
last change - 05/20/2019

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