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Sometime ago I realized this web site is rather disjointed, both in layout and in content. In July, 2018
all the pages were given a new layout to bring consistency to the presentation.
I should explain that state of disjointed content in the site. This state of the site is also a reflection of my life's activities over the last 30 years or so which have also been disjointed. Perhaps the reader questions whether this site being disjointed is due to the lack of either discipline, organization, or planning in the author. This state is by evolution not by design.

The original web site arose with the need to express my concern about creationism. There were just a few initial topics. The site began in 2004 when both my kids were in transition to college so my home life changed.

My career has included business travel over many years, mostly out of state but some international. This travel began as the kids were maturing. I demonstrated I could execute my job requirements whether in the office or elsewhere.

Initially my travel was only a few times per year but eventually, as I took on more responsibility (after the kids matured and moved on) the travel was usually 20 to 26 weeks per year, often working at a customer site every other weekend.
My last position involved CNC and machine installations so my time in the office was often spent either getting ready for the next installation  or defining  the scope of a possible installation being proposed to a potential customer. Each day on site required identifying problems or concerns and then solving them. This was not a smooth life style, with each day unlike the last or the next, but I was thorough; I was relied upon, and I was successful.
As I felt inspired intermittently to post another perspective (this site is my creative outlet), it was usually a stand alone topic that needed to be placed in one of the Topic Groups, and sometimes this group selection was not clear for the topic. Topic Groups were just collections. This web site did not begin with Topic Groups having their topics already defined. Instead The web site evolved as new individual topics were added, usually in response to a news event or a book or a published article. If a new topic was not useful to the site's intent then that draft topic was discarded. The site grew by one topic at a time, not following a design, but instead just expanding the description of my  world view (different than the one I was taught). In recent years I would consider which topic group needs an addition, to get the subject for a new topic. The site did not begin like a book with a desired sequence of topics, with a story to tell. The one unifying theme for this site and its topics is a world view based on human nature. The alternative is what we have: interpretations of ancient scriptures define crude rules for society and surprises in life are attributed to fate, an actual intervention by God in our lives. I cannot accept we live in the Matrix (where all events are controlled) or we live like in a doll house where we are but toys for the person playing with dolls and furnishings, subject to the person's imagination.

I can only hope the reader will find interesting perspectives in a site of many individual topics.

Recently I tried to improve the Topic Group descriptions to tie them together better  and  I added the topics TG Order and TG Summary for help as well.
I apologize for the disjointed site presentation and the variety of topics but it just turned out that way, as the site was managed only in whatever intermittent free time I had available while home.
created - Aug 2018
last change - 08/04/2018

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