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A Search for  Truth in Media for events

This topic is within the Future Topic Group because hopefully someday the truth will be revealed to all and society will make adjustments in its accountability mechanism to prevent so much disinformation again.

With nearly all major media outlets controlled by only a few large corporations there should be no surprise news stories typically convey the government's view, so that no one (in the voting public) takes action to upset the apple cart.

After compiling this list Americans apparently get misinformation about some very important events.
Instead of providing an extensive set of links to be maintained, I will just put in quotes "searching" what can be used to find relevant web sites for this item  (so the reader might even find different opposing views this way) if this narrative is not sufficient. I assume most will recognize these topics. Web sites can change the path to a post but hopefully over time most relevant posts remain intact for the searches. The details for this list are readily available. An internet search will get hit lists of varying quality. If the reader chooses to follow along like this the top of the hit list will usually have a wikipedia entry, perhaps in the top 10. Wikipedia is for general information and is generally considered somewhat unbiased but several editors have been found guilty of maintaining a bias. Hopefully by pointing with a search not a specific link this approach has a little less of my bias (as I would go to some sites before others).

1963 JFK

We are repeatedly told JFK was shot and killed from the back by Lee Harvey Oswald, with a magic bullet. "oswald magic bullet"

However the evidence shows he was shot and killed from the front (his brains were expelled out the back) with eyewitnesses there near the grassy knoll. "jfk grassy knoll" There have been many books and documentaries about that event. I recommend the book  JFK and the unspeakable. "jfk and unspeakable" Of course there have been many investigating the event and providing their interpretation." jfk junior magazine george"

To the credit of the American people a majority believe Oswald did not act alone counter to this extreme bias in the major media. " public polls jfk assassination"
Perhaps the popular movie JFK by Oliver Stone in 1991, which presented much of the story generally accepted by those who made the effort to learn about those events in 1963, was influential.
Unfortunately this means in the current political arena a President was murdered but we are not certain by whom.

1965 Malcolm X

Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965, with indications it was done by the FBI as  part of its COINTEL program. "malcolm x fbi"
Malcolm X was involved in the antiwar and civil rights movements. "malcolm x speeches"

Apparently the powers that be could not tolerate this dissidence.

April 1968 MLK

We are told Martin Luther King was killed by James Earl Ray.  William Pepper, the attorney for Ray and later for the King family suggested more than James were involved.

Though there might be doubt about the details about the assassination. There is no reason to doubt the revelations about the FBI targetting MLK. FBI director Hoover was personally hostile to MLK. "martin luther king fbi surveillance"

MLK was active in the civil rights movement. "mlk speeches"

Apparently the head of the FBI could not tolerate this dissidence.

June 1968 RFK

We are told Robert Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan who stepped in front of Robert and shot him, killing him.
This story is a lie.

Robert Kennedy was murdered by a shot to the back of the head at point blank range. Sirhan Sirhan in an apparent hypnotic trance fired wildly and hit only the man next to Robert. This man, Paul Schrade, has testified at parole hearings for Sirhan Sirhan because Sirhan is not the murderer. However justice does not always prevail and in this case an innocent man has been denied parole 15 times. "rfk schrade"

That this injustice has not been addressed must make one suspicious about the assassination but there is no action being taken by anyone to reveal who was involved and why. Certainly Robert would have wanted his brother's murder (JFK)  investigated correctly, not by a deliberately biased commission. The murder of RFK would cause other political candidates to wonder if they were at risk when their views were not acceptable to these unseen forces who removed RFK.

2001 - 911

We are told on 911 several hijackers flew two planes into the (World Trade Center) Twin Towers causing a total of 3 tall buildings to collapse into piles of dust and rubble, each rapid collapse consistent with a controlled demolition. World Trade Center building 7, never hit by a plane, collapsed into its own pile of dust and rubble some time after the main twin towers. "911 controlled demolitions"

WTC7 is notable for several reasons, beyond its collapse with no apparent external damage.
Larry Silverstein the owner of the building admitted he 'pulled it' which nearly everyone heard meant a controlled demolition. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a countdown and reported being warned about the building, even though (before 911) such buildings never collapse.
"wtc7 pulled it"

Clearly these was foreknowledge of the wt7 collapse as eyewitnesses were warned of its imminent collapse and a BBC reporter said in a news report the WT7 building had collapsed even though it is still visible behind her; obviously she told this news before it actually happened, a miscommunication from those who knew in advance the day's events.

Paul Bremer appeared on major network news programs on 911 to reveal Osama Bin Laden was responsible; this statement only minutes after the crashes and no investigation had even begun; Ironically his company had staff in the North Twin Tower and his office was on a floor directly hit by one of the planes but Paul was so very lucky to be on network news rather than in his office. Later, in 2003 Paul became the chief executive authority for Iraq."paul bremer 911"

Insider trading around 911 caused the largest SEC investigation in its history, but all those records were destroyed (a clear obstruction of justice). "911 sec insider"
911 had thousands of casualties; for over 1000 missing, presumed fatalities, no trace was ever found. "911 missing fatalities"
A building collapse by gravity cannot vaporize all those bodies.

There are many problems with the 'official narrative. There are still many striving to reveal the truth."911 grand jury"
Most people (and the press) have forgotten the anthrax scare right after 911. The Bush administration had used those attacks to stoke fear and to generate support for an attack on Iraq only one month after 911. They blamed Al Qaeda initially but later after the revelation the anthrax came from a US lab not Iraq they accused Steven Hatfill. After he was found to be innocent the FBI concluded the culprit was a biologist working at an American bio-weapons facility but he had committed suicide before the investigation was completed. "2001 anthrax attacks" "bruce ivins"

I considered whether to seek more topics afflicted with misinformation ( this is a BIG problem)  but for now they will wait. There was no challenge in making this list of events because I remembered them. The challenge was checking the material available in mainstream sites like wikipedia. If I used links to alt-media sites like counterpunch and globalresearch I would have good links quickly. Unfortunately I expect such sites will become subject to censorship making this effort worthless. The search entries should find some mainstream site hits; all this material should be readily available but I hope it does not become difficult.

date created 11/16/2018
last change 11/16/2018

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