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A Search for  Truth in Media about foreign affairs

This topic is within the Future Topic Group because hopefully someday the truth will be revealed to all and society will make adjustments in its accountability mechanism to prevent so much disinformation again.

With nearly all major media outlets controlled by only a few large corporations there should be no surprise news stories typically convey the government's view, so that no one (in voting public) takes action to upset the apple cart.

After compiling this list Americans apparently get misinformation about nearly every major country. This should not be a surprise given America manages a global military empire "american foreign military bases" This goal of global strength was declared in the manifesto for the Project for a New American Century "pnac" published one year before 911.

Instead of providing an extensive set of links to be maintained, I will just put in quotes "searching" what can be used to find relevant web sites (so the reader might even find different opposing views this way) if this narrative is not sufficient. I assume most will recognize these topics. Web sites can change the path to a post but hopefully over time most relevant posts remain intact for the searches. The details for this list are readily available.


We are told we invaded Afghanistan as a result of 911. That is a lie.America invaded Afghanistan because of its importance on the global geopolitical chessboard. Bush had the completed invasion plans before 911 so 911 just served as the new public justification for the old plan. "afghanistan invasion planned for bush september"

Several Central American countries are below. The media rarely describe America's interference there. "central america coups"

This is in such contrast to the obsession demonstrated by the media in 2018 when there was a hint that Russia or at least someone having an IP address there might have been on the internet during the campaign. This is such hypocrisy by the media given America meddles in nearly all elections around the world.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a problem with violence, often associated with cocaine drug dealers; this leads to a refugee problem. What is missing in these news stories is American involvement in international cocaine and heroin that can only help these drug dealers. "america cocaine webb" "america protects heroin afghanistan"

El Salvador

El Salvador is also a source of immigrants seeking refuge in America. Like many Central Americans the country never settled down after America overthrew the people's attempt at a democracy, leaving a failed state." el salvador civil war" The supposed civil war was between the military dictatorship thoroughly armed by America and the local groups seeking land reform for the people. "D'Aubuisson america" The root cause of unrest in this country is never mentioned, with our arming of the military to suppress the people leading the cascade of violence."mozote"


Guatemala is a source of many immigrants seeking refuge in America. Like many Central Americans the country never settled down after America overthrew the peoples's attempt at a democracy, leaving a failed state. "guatemala 1954 coup" The root cause of unrest in this country is never mentioned.

Haiti is often in the news as it never fully recovered from the devastation by Hurricane Matthew. What is always missing is the mention of the prior devastation brought to Haiti by the Clintons.
"clinton haiti"

Later the presence of UN personnel in Haiti was found to cause problems. "un role in haiti"

the media generally present Haiti's problems as just theirs without describing the roles of others.

Honduras might make the news due to political unrest in that country, as if Honduras is some distant irrelevant country.
honduras unrest""
The refugees from Honduras are also  often in the news but not the cause of that problem.
America was instrumental in the coup to remove Zelaya in 2009.
"zelaya coup 2009 clinton"
The main reason America wanted Zelaya removed was his intolerable reform of raising the minimum wage. "zelaya wage reforms"

After America destabilized the country it disintegrated horribly. "honduran coup violence"

As Honduras is now a failed state of course anyone that can leave probably will try. Unfortunately many parents will allow their young children to attempt the dangerous trip to America, to find a safer place to live. America caused this refugee problem, but that is never clearly stated in the news.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sometimes called a dictator despite his being elected as president of Iran. "Mahmoud Ahkmadinejad dictator" The press will malign any foreign leader who is not submissive to America's demands.

Iran is quite justified in not trusting America given America was involved in the coup in 1953 "iran coup 1953" when America replaced the democratic government with the brutal regime of the Shah.

The threat of Iran's nuclear weapons has been mentioned often though for many years it was widely known Iran's Islamic regime had no such program, not counting any program supported by America with the Shah. "iran nuclear program" Now that America pulled out of the 5+1 deal that could change.

It is widely recognized economic sanctions are an act of war, whose goal is causing misery in that country's population. "iran sanctions misery"

Iran should be allowed a response to remove these immoral sanctions but it appears the West wants to follow sanctions with a military attack for regime change. Iran is no threat to America. However Iran's support for the Lebanese people to defend themselves against an attack from the the south is intolerable for America. This one reason for the American antagonism toward Iran is rarely explained; America does not care about Lebanon. The other reason is the independence shown by Iran's leaders especially in opposition to the wishes of the American puppet state in the region, Saudi Arabia.


There are various reasons given why America invaded Iraq in 2003 but it was Hussein's independence "hussein iraq oil euro" that probably raised the urgency, not the claimed problem of "hussein iraq no wmd" Obviously America wanted Iraq's oil too. The planned invasion was initially named "Operation Iraq Liberation" after the passage of the iraq liberation act, claiming regime change was justified. His dictatorship was efficient holding that diverse  country together "hussein iraq legacy" while he was not being submissive to the west. Other countries doing torture is never a problem for American foreign policy given  its widespread acceptance in our culture. "enhanced interrogation" Almost everyone knows America forces do torture, a war crime, but absolutely nothing is done about it.Torture is for a coerced confession, never for reliable information It is disgusting but still part of our country's legacy, even now."trump torture" America's continuing practice of torture is despicable.

Much was said about human rights abuses in Iraq but never the results  of American sanctions (much suffering and many deaths). "iraq sanctions albright"

What is never mentioned in the press is the complicity of America in those iraq wmd. "rumsfeld hussein handshake"

What is never mentioned is America's complicity in Iraq's invasion of Iran, leading to many deaths in those countries. "america support iraq invade iran"


Israel is claimed (by the press and government) to be a democracy. "israel democracy" It is not; Israel is an abomination.
In 1917, England passed the Balfour Declaration "balfour declaration" to create a Jewish state in Palestine. This means the new residents would invade the area to form the new government for this new state and to seize the land and its resources.

This invasion was brutal but it is never mentioned in stories about Palestinans; the words massacre and slaughter are typically used to describe these atrocities. "massacres in mandatory palestine" Israel became a recognized state in 1948.
Typically a democracy represents the interests of the residents. "democracy definition"
Israel's government does not comply with a simple definition of democracy because it represents the interests of the invaders not the residents, i.e., those who lived in Palestine for many generations. There is no way to deny the state of Israel was carved out of Palestinian lands and so the country exists but it is certainly not a democracy as defined. Perhaps the population that invaded can vote for their representatives for their government but this history is ignored when the press calls Israel a democracy. President Carter called Israel an apartheid state, worse than South Africa. There has been a feeble attempt to legitimize this government, called the two state solution. "israel two state solution" Unfortunately for peace Israel is unwilling to give up its occupation of Palestinian land and resources. "extent israeli settlements" Palestinians still claim a right to return to their land now occupied by non-Palestinians. "palestinian right of return" The UN had tried to remove the illegal occupation "un 2334" None of these attempts have ever been honored by Israel, or by the US. "un resolutions against israel vetoed by us"
Israel has made no perceivable effort at integration; instead Israel is conducting a campaign of genocide. Israeli soldiers can shoot to kill Palestinians under any circumstances. Rarely is there punishment. "dead unarmed palestinian"

Sometimes Israel claims to act in self defense. This claim is asinine. If you punch someone and they act in self defense, you as the first puncher cannot claim self defense when you kill the victim. The aggressor can never claim a defense position (even if there is another claim the two opponents are somehow equivalent). This should be obvious to anyone with some moral values.
Genocide should be punished as a war crime but the American Congress and American press do or say nothing about this. "nuremberg genocide" Israel should be treated as a pariah state but it continues its psychopathic behavior with no consequences.
Gaza is a clear demonstration of Israel's immorality. An embargo intentionally forces misery there. "gaza on a diet"

America does nothing to stop this criminal behavior but instead supports it. "gaza blockade"

American neocons are directly involved. "neocon clean break" This unwarranted, immoral violence in the Middle East will not end soon given these plans "clinton yinon plan"and yet both the American press and government claim the gretest threat to peace is Islamic terrorism.This claim should be ridiculed but given the media bias apparently the uninforned masses do not see through the blatant lie.

The media describes the chaos in Libya as the result of the civil war there. "libyan civil war"

The reality is there was never a civil war. NATO and America invaded the country with foreign mercenaries to overthrow Gaddafi (to get regime change).  An invasion by foreigners is certainly not a civil war.
The crime Gaddafi was punished: for his work for Libya "gaddafi libya reforms"and for his work for the United States of Africa "gaddafi africa reforms". The punishment was the complete destruction of Libya, including his many irrigation project; the complete ruin resulted in many refugees fleeing the failed state.

By emphasizing a non-existent civil war the responsibility (NATO) for this humanitarian disaster is avoided. "libya civil war refugees"


Mexico has suffered since NAFTA was pushed on it. Mexico suffers under NAFTA in several ways. Millions of farmers were affected and as exports grew the local economy took a hit. "mexico nafta farmers" Many jobs after NAFTA are for foreign companies so the profits leave, not to be invested in Mexico or in its people (so many still seek a better life in America). "maquiladoras"
Dating back(at least) to the Iran Contra deal the CIA has been involved with drug dealing in Latin America. "mexico cia manages drugs" "iran contra drugs"

North Korea

North Korea was recently threatened with 'fire and fury' but the press rarely noted this phrase was used in 1950 by Macarthur. "korea fire and fury macarthur" The Korean war was about the gepolitical importance of Korea and the people suffered termendously. "korean war civilian casualties" These fatalities were often premeditated murders."us war crimes korean war"


Sudan suffered through a civil war for many years but rarely is its cause explained as the meddling of England breaking up what had been a tenuous integration of cultures but with England having no effective plan to follow after their disruptive meddling."sudan civil war cause"

In 1998 Clinton bombed a factory in Sudan apparently as a distraction for the Lewinsky scandal. "clinton bombing sudan mistake" America is never hesitant to bomb someone, never needing any prior justification since public or congressional oversight mechanisms are absolutely non-existent for such attacks ordered by the president.


The civil war in Syria "syria civil war" and its supposed dictator Assad "dictator assad "are often mentioned in the press despite the fact he was elected to his position by the Syrian population. The reality is there was never a civil war in Syria. NATO and America invaded the country with foreign mercenaries (ISIS) to overthrow Assad. An invasion by foreigners is certainly not a civil war. "us created isis" All the reports of US attacks on isis are a sham; they are on the same side against Assad. "mccain isis" "cia caliphate"
Syria has no chemical weapons but NATO gave them to ISIS to expedite regime change. Despite this complicity America and Israel bombed Syria in April 2018 as punishment on Syria for using chemical weapons - a complete lie since any chemical attacks were by ISIS with no involvement by Syria. After the UN confirmed Syria was not involved in the incident that was claimed to justify an attack in April the press did nothing about revealing the truth.

One problem for peace in Syria is Israel wants part of Syria: Golan Heights. This tension leads to Israel attacks on Syria, never explained in the press. "israel bomb syria"" isis wounded to israel"


The unrest in Ukraine is often called either a civil war "ukraine civil war" or the war in Donbas. "war in donbas".
What is missing in these stories about Ukraine is Amrerica's role in the chaos. America overthrew the democratic government and replaced it with a neo-Nazi regime. "ukraine nuland" The destabilization resulted in a bloody conflict between the newly imposed government  in the west and the resistent Russian population in the east. It is not really a civil war when one side is quite foreign to the inhabitants on the other. "donbas ethnic russian"

The news usually  characterizes the crimea controversy as Putin 'took' Crimea from Ukraine. In fact there was very widespread acceptance of Crimea leaving this neo-Nazi government brought in by the West since most of Crimea's population were ethnic Russians. "crimea referendum international observers" Putin accepted Crimea; he did not take Crimea which was a consequence of America's interference.


Slobodan Milosevic was accused by NATO in 2001 of many war crimes. He was often called the butcher of the balkans. "milosevic butcher" He died during his trial for these accusations. After his death the Hague Tribunal found Milosevic not guilty of those charges in 2006. "milosevic trial acquital"
The press never mentioned that the Kosovo Liberation Army was actually a group of foreign mercenaries trained by US backed special forces to bring down Milosevic. Milosevic's actions were to defend his country and its people from these terrorist invaders (there were atrocities committed but Milosevic was not involved as accused). NATO backed the KLA activities. "nato support kla"  NATO also waged a bloody bombing campaign. "nato bombing of yugoslavia".  The press never revealed America was backing the KLA and our bombing just made the civilian death toll even worse; all this in a part of the world that posed no security threat to America. 
However America has global geopolitical ambitions and will attack those in opposition (like Iraq, Syria, and probably someday Iran).
America is apparently willing to dream up war crime accusations against our enemies. The initial crime committed by milosevic to incur the wrath of America was his friendly relationship with Russia. That opposed America's geopolitical ambitions. "milosevic yeltsin"

There are similarities between America's approach to Milosevic in Yugoslavia and to Assad in Syria, like false war crime accusations followed by unwarranted bombing, killing innocent civilians (none a threat to America). In each country our terrorists deployed there for regime change (KLA, ISIS) were also killing many civilians.

A simple comparison can be drawn between the superpowers over the past 70 years or so:

a) number of times thermonuclear bombs were dropped to intentionally vaporize civilians:
China: 0
Russia: 0
America: 2 (both in Japan 1945)
b) number of countries it attacked with no provocation:
China: 0
Russia: 0
America: many, including Afghanistan,Bosnia, Cambodia, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Libya, Panama, Somalia, Syria, Vietnam

Has a published manifesto for world domination?
China: no
Russia: no
America: yes, the Project for a New American Century published its manifesto, Rebuilding America's Defenses, in September, 2000

 There was no challenge in making this list of countries because I remembered them. The challenge was checking the material available in mainstream sites like wikipedia. If I used links to alt-media sites like counterpunch and globalresearch I would have good links quickly. Unfortunately I expect such sites will become subject to censorship making this effort worthless. The search entries should find some mainstream site hits; all this material should be readily available but I hope it does not become difficult.

date created 11/16/2018
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