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The Search for Truth

Sometimes it seems we are on the verge of another Renaissance. At other times it seems we might slip into another Dark Ages. The end result depends upon how humanity continues its search for truth. An honest and enlightened search could result in a Renaissance while a hindered and/or censored search has consequences for society as well.

Many of our political, academic and religious leaders are content to hold onto their power, and the control of information that comes with that power, rather than providing actual leadership in the search for truth.

These are some of the revelations that could release new waves of ideas and research.

o The common themes among ancient mythologies help reveal much about the origins of our religions.

o The life and time of Jesus should be interpreted on the historical writings and artifacts, not wholly on the myths within the Bible.

o The electric universe, where electromagnetic effects are not ignored, must be considered with the possibility gravity is not the primary force and the big bang theory is not presumed as a fact.

o The creation, evolution and catastrophism debate must continue but the geological record must be part of the discussion rather than just the theories and myths that dominate the discourse now.

o The structures found on other planets (e.g., Mars and the Moon) must be studied because they could tell us more about our past (of our solar system and possibly of our human race).

In so many cases, those in power have put up very strong denial systems, so that their power and influence is not affected by the new information that is not consistent with that being sponsored. Suppressing the conflicting information will at least postpone the public outrage and this practice has the potential of destroying the ambition of those that would try to reveal such discrepancies in the future. More than likely, their own income would be affected if their positions were shown to be in error so more lies are told to compound the lies told before. The search for one's own reputation supersedes the search for truth. There seems to be a lack of incentive for those in control to allow conflicting views to be expressed. Perhaps a public outcry is the only tool that can pry open these institutions.

In the case of ancient mythologies, Immanuel Velikovsky in the 1940's discovered a common theme in ancient Jewish and Egyptian writings and upon further research found the common theme spanned the globe. The response to his works by the scientific leaders was so wretched it is amazing that 20th century science has survived. The lies and deceit that dominated their writings reveal how little honesty and ethics are regarded among some of those in positions of academic power. (see origins of Christianity and mythology)

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the middle of the 20th century sparked new research into the origins and evolution of the major Western religions. Some of these scrolls appear to have been written at the same time as one of the significant New Testament books, the Acts of the Apostles, was composed, telling the story of the apostle Paul and his involvement in the start of the Catholic Church. This is the same time as James the Just, the supposed brother of Jesus, was the major Jewish religious leader. The scrolls place the origin of the Church under a whole new light. Unfortunately, any of these findings rarely get any degree of exposure.  Every year, especially at the winter holidays, we are treated with the same myths that are put forward as far more important than such myths should be. In the Catholic religion, there is a parable regarding the shepherd and his sheep. Unfortunately, the Church members are still treated as sheep, protected from the truth, by the shepherd: the religious hierarchy. (see Jesus and the Bible; attitudes in religion and science)

In the 20th century, much research has been done on plasma and the effects of electromagnetism. The theories of relativity and the big bang were composed when gravity ruled the universe. All those theories have to be reconsidered in an electric universe, where gravity is less important and everything in space is electrically charged. Halton Arp has compiled observations that show extragalactic redshifts are not caused by velocity but by age; these observations (that are ignored and suppressed) make it more difficult to justify the expanding universe theories. Some dinosaur fossils found in the last few decades indicate the animals were so large that even our assumptions about earth's gravity have to be questioned.

In just the last few years, the theory of impact events affecting the earth has become more popular. As their possible role within the geological record is developed, the debate with those waging a battle for the teaching of the Biblical story of the creation taking precedence over a scientific study of history must be revisited. Our youth must be urged to always pursue the truth. Our youth must not deprived by getting just the stories that previous generations have been told, when less was known about our planet and its history. (see teaching evolution and does life show an intelligent design)

Over the years of our space exploration, things have been discovered but then hidden. A good example is the structure on Mars known as the Face. With an investigation from Earth, far removed from the artifact itself, it appears to be an unnatural feature, probably constructed by someone or something. The proof that it is artificial could have major repercussions on the future of life on earth. However, NASA continues to put off and hinder such an effort. Instead, pictures are taken of poor quality in the hopes that the issue will go away. Also, Halton Arp has become somewhat famous for pointing out that observational evidence of red-shifts suggests the shift is a proportional measure of age not distance. Unfortunately this does not match common astrophysical theories. Rather than his findings being distributed and developed, they are kept out of circulation. There is not a search for the truth, just a continuing effort to pursue only its own agenda - without any such 'interruptions' from the curious public.

Even on this earth, there are ancient structures that have never been completely explained.  Recently large structures have been discovered underwater and are apparently man-made but no credit can be assigned. It has been suggested that the Great Pyramid was designed to align with certain stars and constellations. The Great Sphinx might be far older than commonly thought. To better understand these structures would add to the knowledge about human history. If we better understand the history of the Earth's peoples, it might be easier to resolve the current ethnic and religious differences.

I always want to know more about the way things are.  I am a college graduate that continues to search for the truth regarding why things are they way they are. In the last 20 years, I have learned things that were difficult to comprehend at first but new insights can be difficult when at odds with one's ingrained perspectives. I have also explored other religions than that taught me when young (like Zen) to better understand other cultures as well as my own. The changes in religious perspective can be profound - as the Christian religion is very much a part of our American culture. (see religion; who is God?; is there life after death?)

Having been through all that, I know it is difficult to get people to change their minds. Everyone has their own denial system for dealing with changes. However, the alternative is to march off a cliff like a lemming: to follow a path that is neither acceptable nor logical. I prefer to question the path being taken. The answers to these questions can set mankind on a promising new path, rather than the potential dead-end course that seems possible right now. (see does God bless America?; ending the war on terror)

Many others are also seeking to understand the ancient mythologies and their development, as well as many ancient structures and their purpose. The popular media typically conveys only the story offered by the most influential scientists, even if that story has been found to have errors. (see my list of publications: Pensee, Kronos, Aeon)

I have my own ideas about religion, philosophy and the possible future of our society. I created this web site to express those ideas.

There is a separate page about the Electric Universe and the Big Bang.

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