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Milky Way HVCC

In the Face Book group:
an article about HVCC's near the center of the milky way.
My comment:

I read again the attachment and maybe it is no better than the post with the contrived whirlpool. In the paper:

"We discovered two small high-velocity compact clouds (HVCCs) in the  maps of the central 20 pc of our Galaxy. Both HVCCs have broad velocity widths  and compact sizes, and originate from the dense molecular clouds in the position–velocity space [me: what is this quantum mechanics concept doing in here with very  large objects near the galactic center?]. Their spatial structure, kinematics, and absence of luminous stellar object are compatible with the notion that each of the small HVCCs is driven by the plunge of an invisible compact object into a molecular cloud. Such objects are most likely inactive, isolated black holes.

 CO–0.40–0.22 has been suggested to be a molecular cloud that has been gravitationally kicked by an inactive intermediate-mass black hole

 The absence of the luminous stellar counterparts for the HVCCs may suggest that the putative plunging object is an inactive BH.
The high-velocity plunge can induce dissociative shock by the sudden acceleration of gas.

my summary:
The theory is a plunging BH gives momentum to a cloud of molecular gas, driving that small cloud into a high velocity motion - HVCC - but without disturbing the cloud as seen in the map but the cloud [probably] receives dissociative shock when accelerated.
The theory is an invisible black hole 'plunged' into a cloud causing it to move. The invisible BH is proposed because there are no stars nearby.

I have difficulty with the theory proposing a BH kicked a cloud to rapidly accelerate the cloud to a high velocity. Kicking implies a contact between solids; how can anything kick a cloud? Plus the cloud does not disperse so what force maintains its shape? If it is gravity why doesn't it collapse?

This story has too many wild proposals as written as to be not believable.

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