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Globular Clusters

In the Face Book group:
an article about globular clusters.
My comment:

Clusters are fascinating because gravity only attracts so eventually there should be a collapse or at least collisions. However there is a repulsive force in the cluster. It is widely known the earth is negatively charged and the sun and stars are positively charged. The electric fields of the positively charged stars should help maintain order, since + repels +.. Cosmologists generally ignore plasma and electromagnetic effects but a cluster reveals the usefulness of an electric field from a positively charged body.
On the web I found this explanation for cluster stability:
Even within a globular cluster where the typical separation of stars in a globular cluster is around 1 light year (thus star-star collisions are rare). Hence binary stars can orbit each other, and globular clusters can remain stable for literally billions of years.

This explanation indicates an unjustified certainty.

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