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Time Exploded

In the Face Book group:
a description of a cosmology that included the phrase 'time exploded.'
My comment:

time never exploded. Time is an accumulation of counts of an event having a known period. The oscillation of the caesim-133 atom is the current basis for counting time. Computers use a count of a precisely tuned electrical oscillator for a 'local' time. How is this theory and its model NOT complete science fiction? How does going backward in time work (before the big bang) ? How does an observer change his/her physical context to a previous count of the atomic clock? If a clock count ticks backward, like -1s -2s, -3s, etc., this is not going backward in time. Time only increments, never decrements. Time is not a true dimension like length/width/height, which can be changed by a physical movement. One's local time can be changed but not that not universal increasing count of events.

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