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Star Wiggles

In the Face Book group:
The post was about wiggles in the sun's surface.
My comment:

The critical statement is 'any slight disturbance can persist as slight bumps and wiggles throughout the bulk of the star – and on its surface. I am not aware of a common theory of a star with a solid surface. I can imagine wiggles if the star is liquid but not if the star is a gas - the standard solar model.
"Bumps and wiggles throughout the bulk" are also known as sound waves.' This sound wave is proposed as observed bumps in the solid surface of a star, where wiggles in the surface and its brightness can be interpreted as an oscillation like sound. A frequency for audible sound is 20hz to 20khz so to use sound waves as proposed here the oscillations of the star's surface must be in this range. The article does not describe the amplitude on the surface but to be observable it must be on the order of at least many kilometers. That is a big wiggle.

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