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Great Attractor

In the Face Book group:
The post was had a video of a graphic description of our galaxy being drawn into a region called the Great Attractor.
My comment:

I wasted some time to watch the silly video. He is not using the correct lingo, even mentioning gravity. The bottom line is the great attractor cannot be seen. Therefore this fantastic force  must be from a gargantuan ginormous immensely massive bottomless black hole and (with no gravity according to Einstein) we, and thousands of other galaxies, are being swiftly sucked into its voracious vortex, while sliding down the very steep, slippery slope of this extreme  distant disruption in the space time curvature toward this insatiable singularity. Moving down the space time curvature does not feel like the suction of a vacuum from here but I suppose I just have difficulty with such hysterical, ludicrous terms in this video especially when knowing if this scenario were true it would take millions of years.

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