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Time Dilation

In the Face Book group:
The post was about relativity and some asked me about time dilation.
My comment:

I had posted my view on no time travel. That text is separate for this date.
Someone posted the following comment to my post (I did not fix all the errors below but this should represent the intent; I suspect English is not the primary language):

 the Twin paradox is a paradox but the theory for relativity is not a theory it is the law the time is not the same even few hundred kilometers awy i do not know how truth is if theoretical we had the tecnology to be in the adromena galaxy we could see the people on earth buinding the pyramids of Cairo

 what you can say abut that

My comment in response:

I never thought about this until you asked but here is my answer.
There are 4 dimensions, but only 3 correspond to something physical. Time is a totally separate entity. An atom's oscillations are counted to meet a standard, so physics and chemical equations work as expected. Apparently from experimentation the local atomic clock will increase or decrease its rate based on its acceleration. This time dilation affects the observer's local elapsed time. Descriptions of the twin paradox will mention this is a test of the concept in relativity of an observer's frame of reference.
If the time count rate increases the observer is not moving forward in time but his elapsed time is increasing faster than expected.  If he accelerated a lot perhaps the change in the elapsed time will become noticeable (more seconds). This is not time travel just changes in one's local time. Conversely If he accelerated a lot in the other direction perhaps the change in the elapsed time will become noticeable fewer seconds but he is not moving backward in time. Time dilation is not time travel..

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