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Neil Tyson Degrasse Tyson

In the Face Book group:
Someone posted a famous quote from Neil Degrasse Tyson suggesting to deny objective science is be delusional
My comment:

To profess personal absolute certainty is to declare one is closed minded to all evidence to the contrary. Neil frequently uses the word d*n**r as if he has the position of absolute certainty.

on 03/01/2019 Someone posted a quote by Neil  with his recommendation: "Put people in power who understand what earth is, what it means to us, and what steps they need to take..."

My comment:

I will be blunt. What an absolutely stupid plan! To put 'people into power' means we should rely on an elite group.
What our ancestors realized is a structure with checks and balances must be in place for accountability (the goal of our constitution) or else as was observed so long ago: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Neil's plan must lead to that.
A better plan is for people to organize- not hope for a savior, or as Neil suggests find an elite group.

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