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In the Face Book group:
The post was about consciousness and the universe.
My comment:

I see this:
' It is only when we are able to .. look from the perspective of an outside observer we can understand the Universe.'

It is from our own personal sensory experience that we begin our understanding. We can share our experience with others to expand the collective knowledge base; we can also learn from what others know and experienced. Obviously each person's perspective will probably miss what others can see or experience but collectively we all learn.
We are an integral part of the universe and we learn by active participation, not trying to watch like an outside observer. To concentrate on this objective view of an outsider could diminish one's personal experience and reduce the chance for a new discovery.

His response:

you are right, provided that the collective progress of knowledge does not contain any significant errors that no one else can see, because everyone is based on the same basic assumptions.

My response:

 That is why progress is never smooth.

His response:

Yes, every important change in science is a revolution, not an evolution

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