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SMBH Spin Rate

In the Face Book group:
Post had image with SMBH spin rate at 270,000,000 m/s
My comment:

This is silly. A black hole singularity has zero radius so its circumference is zero. There is no surface to move.
 Any number specified for a black hole spin is fantasy.

I got this response:

I don't think they were speaking directly about the singularity. Black holes do spin.


My response to his comment and its link:

The claim is very misleading.
A black hole cannot emit anything; it is black.
The X-rays must be coming from something else, not the black hole.
The X -ray emission is coming from synchrotron radiation - so there are electric currents interacting with a magnetic field - and this is NOT a black hole. If the X-ray intensity changes with a measurable period that is electrical in nature, not some 'incredible speed.'.

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