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Human life in relation to nature

In the Face Book group:
Someone posted several questions.
the posted statements started with:
What is human life in relation to physical processes?
Why did humans invent the concept of time?

My comment:

To ask 'what is human life in relation to physical processes' is seeking an answer from an odd perspective.
To use the words 'in relation to' obviously implies the two are separate. Human life is not separate from nature.
Human life is part of all life on this planet and this life is involved with physical processes. Weather affects nearly all life on land. Big cities are a heat island and can affect local weather, like cloud formation down wind. All plants are involved in the physical process of photosynthesis, which produces oxygen to support animal life like humans.
The answer to that question depends on how a person describes a separation that does not exist.

Humans invented time because our brain, for most people, thinks in a linear fashion by interpreting the order of events. Time makes it easier to describe that order. Nature is always simultaneous but time brings order to that chaos.

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