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In the Face Book group:

The initial post had:

In the entire universe, every movement of energy and matter always takes place in one direction. During this movement the law of entropy and evolution operates...

The person for the post added this:

Evolution does not always work in the same direction, sometimes it must change it. The known past shows how many mistakes evolution has made. :)

Another's comment was this:
 Evolution has no scientific proof!

that got this response from the poster:

 It is not evolution it is entropy.
My comment, after the above:

Evolution has no direction or mistakes.  The word evolution comes from Latin evolvere, to roll out.  Evolution is nature rolling through continuous change. Each animal must move or adapt to its changing environment. The woolly  mammoth is considered the 'better' elephant but it could not adapt so abruptly to its changed environment. There are diverse animals, plants, fungi thriving across our entire globe in many climates and terrains and even in the oceans. Catastrophic ice ages, meteor strikes, or volcanic eruptions just require adaptation. Nature has no mistakes because there is no right or wrong in whatever happens. A mistake or a success is just an emotional judgment.

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