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Gargantuan Black Holes Dining

In the Face Book group:
Someone posted a silly news story with the headline: ' 83 Gargantuan black holes spotted guzzling down dinner at the edge of the universe.'
My comment:

The headline writer obviously watched the silly, tedious movie, Interstellar, which also used 'gargantuan.'

it is ridiculous to propose the 'friction' of dust will generate the observed intense radio, visible, or X-ray radiation. This 'immense 'electromagnetic radiation spectrum must be from synchrotron radiation, resulting from the  interaction between electric and magnetic fields. A disk of dust cannot do this, even if the dust rubs a lot, even if the disk spins around black hole hole, a point where an unfathomable amount of mass has been impossibly compressed to zero volume (while incredibly still exerting a force of gravity).

Quasars are an electromagnetic phenomenon, not a disk of dust.

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