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Look Back in Time

In the Face Book group:

Post had this:

Light from distance objects is viewed back in time
The greater the distance the further back in time
So how can they determine the expansion rate
By observing further and further back in time
My comment:

No. Propagation delay is not back in time - to me.
If you yell to me across a canyon I will hear what you said by a delay based on the speed of sound in the current air conditions. I am not hearing sounds from back in time - unless that is how you want to describe this. I am not listening 'back in time.'
Perhaps you can explain to me how one listens or looks back in time - and whether that has any meaning.
When we talked with astronauts on the moon there were noticeable delays. I don't recall we had to deal with talking back in time because of the moon distance.

His response:

 something ten billion lightyears
Shows newly small forming galaxies in the early young universe
Nothing to do with sound and little effect with astronauts

My response:

Halton Arp showed  high red shift objects are the youngest. As they move away from their parent galaxy they grow and their red shift reduces.
High red shifts are not back in time but a reflection of their age. As their red shift drops astronomers make the simple assumption they are getting closer to earth. The observation of high red shift objects in front of low red shift objects clearly falsifies that assumption.
Red shifts are more complicated than assumed.

Someone else responded with a linked video I had not seen:

..Halton Arp  link

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