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Universe Not Right

In the Face Book group:

The post headline:
'Something is not quite right in the universe, ultraprecise new measurement reveals'

From the article:

If their measurements of a value known as the Hubble Constant are correct, it means that the current model is missing crucial new physics, such as unaccounted-for fundamental particles, or something strange going on with the mysterious substance known as dark energy.'

My comment:

How is this not treated as ridiculous?

Scientists are supposed to find explanations for observations.
Dark matter and dark energy are just place holders for 'we can't explain it now but this is what we will call our solution until we can.'
Dark matter and dark energy have no definitions that can be tested and verified. How does one detect where dark matter is or not? The same for dark energy. With no way to test for either they remain just undefined or magic.There is no credibility with any dark stuff. When we detect either with repeatability exactly as predicted then they can be considered real.
This story claims the dark stuff is not behaving like their model expects.

This is just like this story.
I have observed my cup disappears from the outside table and I cannot find who did it so I propose an invisible elf did it.
The next day I notice it is gone earlier than I noticed yesterday. The elf is still around because the cup disappeared. Therefore something is not right with that invisible elf! Or maybe there are several elves, at different times; I cannot know.

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