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Black hole dark matter

In the Face Book group:
The headline:
'One night of telescope time rules out black hole / dark matter idea.

From the article:

"Ruled Out" –Stephen Hawking's Theory: Big-Bang Black Holes Source of Dark Matter
The researchers has put a theory speculated by Hawking to its most rigorous test to date, and their results have ruled out the possibility that primordial black holes smaller than a tenth of a millimeter make up most of dark matter.
My comment:

This larger black hole being proposed, at 0.1mm, is not much of an improvement  on the smaller original one.
The original had a singularity where all the mass was compressed into a geometric point, so zero radius and infinite density. Incredibly , though the mass no longer existed other than in a geometric point, it still exerted a force of gravity like when all the particles had their correct volume. This sounds like all that mass went to the upside-down world and yet that other world gravity still works within this world. This is a reference to the 'stranger things' series. A theoretical black hole is a strange thing.

In this new version of black hole all the mass is still in this world but now in a 0.1 mm sphere. That is still incredible.

I suspect gravity is still expected to do this compression; that is incredible.

Gravity is a weak force of attraction. When two bodies are adjacent due to gravity they will not spontaneously redo all their molecular bonds to create a new lattice structure for a new solid, the merger of the two. Gravity is certainly incapable of compressing multiple Suns into a 0.1mm sphere.

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