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Intro into EU

The post:
So what's the best intro into EU? I'd prefer if:

1. Not speculation based videos. Something with substance behind it.
2. Something that isn't 3 hours long, preferably to the point.
3. Please no new age tie ins.

My comment:

Here is an overview of the Electric Universe Theory without videos or links.
The Sun is plasma, not a gas fusing hydrogen at great depths somehow causing a very bright surface.
The Sun as a gas cannot explain its observations.
The collaboration between Pierre-Marie Robitaille and Stephen Crothers has developed a liquid metallic hydrogen solar model. This model explains our Sun and other stars better than the current solar model.
The Sun is actually a body of condensed matter and is bright due to its electrical excitation. The Sun is part of a galactic circuit.
There are significant electrical currents in our solar system. A current from the Sun to Earth triggers our aurora, confirmed in 1967.
The current between Jupiter and Io was measured at 3 million amperes.
Ulysses detected an electric current around Jupiter at a billion amperes that generates its own magnetic field, separate from Jupiter's.
Much of Jupiter's mass is in the form of liquid metallic hydrogen; Saturn is like this as well.
Saturn has an electrical connection with Encedelas, affecting Saturn's aurora.
The Milky Way core is the junction of electric currents through the spiral arms. The synchrotron radiation emanating from the core, spanning a broad spectrum from infrared to X-ray, is the result of the electric currents bending in a magnetic field. There is no black hole there.
Dark matter is required as a ghost when the electrical nature of galaxies is ignored.
The Milky Way has plasma filaments to other galaxies forming huge intergalactic structures. An intergalactic magnetic field has been detected.

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