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LIGO may have spotted a merger

The posted story's headline:

LIGO may have spotted a black-hole-neutron star merger.

The story is about detecting gravitational waves.

My comment:

Theories are all about a prediction and confirmation. If a prediction cannot be confirmed then the theory is wrong.

For each case was there a prediction? It sounds like they detect something and then claim a match.

If black holes were real and widespread and if each is gobbling up everything nearby then there should predictions based on probabilities of black holes merging with surrounding normal stars. With so many black holes they should predicting and detecting many of those events of a more likely combination. Instead they only claim to detect a rare type of  merger event.

This smacks of seeking publicity not really testing a theory.

I added this comment:

If they are forced to make a prediction they must define the known quantities of objects that they will detect merging so they can predict the number of events that should be detected. When the frequency of events does not match they must revisit their assumptions and the equipment. Right now with no defined prediction there is no difference between a random frequency or their theory.

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