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Origin of Moons

The post:
Just a question to the group. Were the, now, gas giants still electrically active as Suns when they ejected their satellites?
My comment

Such a connection cannot be justified. Many of the moons probably arose separately than the planet they orbit, in a different mechanism. Between the sizes of Venus and Pluto are: Mars, Ganymede, Titan, Mercury, Callisto, Io, Moon, Europa, Triton. Ganymede has no atmosphere but Titan has a thick one, dominated by Nitrogen like Earth's. Venus has a thick atmosphere with much sulfur like Saturn. There is too much randomness to claim a direct connection among particular bodies. It would be very helpful to know the current composition of the cores in Jupiter and Saturn - but we don't.

Someone posted a comment of just the following link.

This is an excellent presentation of a theory about the formation of our solar system and the significance of Ganymede.

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