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Black hole may have swallowed neutron star

The post's headline:
Ripples in space & time suggest black hole may have swallowed neutron star

From the story:
Astronomers say they may have spotted a neutron star being swallowed by a black hole for very the first time after seeing vast gravitational waves rippling across space.
The waves were spotted by the twin Ligo observatory in the US and the Virgo detector in Italy following a possible collision on April 26.

If confirmed the important detection could shed vital insight into what exactly happens when stars crash into black holes.

my comment:

They concluded the event was 1.2 BLY away, from a LIGO news release. I assume that probably involved propagation time for these expected waves. There is an assumed expanding universe except for our local group, Hubble's island in the flow. Our island is a sphere in the fabric of space with a 4MLY radius.

I wonder if the waves navigate the shores of our spherical island unperturbed or if this is even considered in the calculation.

The waves are approaching us but the fabric of space is expanding toward the source. I am sure they addressed this mix. I would be forced to relearn some calculus to take on this problem. :-)

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