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Unexpected Black Hole Behavior

The posted Youtube video's title:

Black hole at V404 Cygni is behaving in totally unexpected way.

My comment:

This story is funny. Of course it behaves in a totally unexpected way when your theory is totally wrong.

Their theory proposes X-rays are coming from jets shooting out of an accretion disk.

I know of no mechanism for an accretion disk to generate X-rays. Sandia National Laboratories created its Z-pulse machine using synchrotron radiation as an X-ray generator.
It is incredible jets are generated along the core's axis and yet come from a disk around the core. Thornhill posted an excellent video on youtube about M87 core and its jets. That probably applies to this object also.

Wikipedia offers a new, for me, explanation for this object:

A detailed analysis of the INTEGRAL data revealed the existence of so-called pair plasma near the black hole. This plasma consists of electrons and their antimatter counterparts, positrons.
I do not ever recall antimatter being invoked for anything.
I wonder if their observed 'pair' is a torus.

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