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Can Anyone Explain Aether

In the Face Book group:
The post:
Can anyone actually logically explain the aether? It's constituents, it's structure, it's vessel? If it's particularised, what are the spaces between each aether particle? If it's substantial, then what are the shores holding the ocean, etc.
My comment:
The need for aether arises from an 'action at a distance.'

Everyone intuitively understands pulling or  pushing by direct physical contact to cause motion.
There are three forces that act at a distance: an electric field, a magnetic field, a gravitational field.
Light is the propagation of electric and magnetic fields; these fields have a frequency so light has a wave nature.

If one cannot accept 'action at a distance' then there must be a medium that carries or transfers the action from the source to the destination. This medium is called aether.

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