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Laniakea Cluster

In the Face Book group:
the post head line:
The post:

You're looking at the Laniakea super-cluster.

Someone added a comment with a video describing this Laniakea structure.

my comment:

If this is the result of analyzing red shifts and their assumed associated velocities and distances then this entire thing is actually worthless, except as a work of abstract art.
I have posted where intergalactic hydrogen creates red shifted absorption lines meaning these absorption red shifts have nothing to do with motion of a distant galaxies. Absorption lines can occur anywhere between source and observer. This mistake is a fatal flaw in cosmology.

This response:

take "motion" out of your perception then and you got the same as a still standing pic...

 could be its all just 10% as big as the redshifters say. again, would this change the shape of the building?

my response:

I am surprised a ruler with wrong increments is close enough. If any quasars were in this mix, those are certainly placed wrong. They would be on the outer edges with their mistaken 'most distant' status.

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