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Distant Quasar Infrared

In the Face Book group:
the post head line:
New clues about how ancient galaxies lit up the universe

from the story:

In a new study, researchers report on observations of some of the first galaxies to form in the universe, less than 1 billion years after the big bang (or a little more than 13 billion years ago). The data show that in a few specific wavelengths of infrared light, the galaxies are considerably brighter than scientists anticipated. The study is the first to confirm this phenomenon for a large sampling of galaxies from this period, showing that these were not special cases of excessive brightness, but that even average galaxies present at that time were much brighter in these wavelengths than galaxies we see today.

No one knows for sure when the first stars in our universe burst to life. But evidence suggests that between about 100 million and 200 million years after the big bang, the universe was filled mostly with neutral hydrogen gas that had perhaps just begun to coalesce into stars, which then began to form the first galaxies. By about 1 billion years after the big bang, the universe had become a sparkling firmament. Something else had changed, too: Electrons of the omnipresent neutral hydrogen gas had been stripped away in a process known as ionization. The Epoch of Reionization - the changeover from a universe full of neutral hydrogen to one filled with ionized hydrogen - is well documented.

My comment:

The key to this sensational story is ionized hydrogen.
My post on 4/24 explained the problem with not correctly interpreting the hydrogen ion red shift indicating a relativistic velocity.
1) the quasar is not moving as fast as the ion.
2) that extreme velocity is not an extreme distance for the quasar, where distance is assumed proportional to velocity by Hubble's Law (a different post on 4/24). Extreme velocities result in a calculated comoving distance from the big bang event, adjusted by the assumed universe expansion.
This distance is a complete fabrication, and so is the time.

From this news story these ion extreme red shifts are being detected by infrared instruments.

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